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Tactical Assassin 2
Tactical Assassin 2It's back, Tactical Assassin returns with another installment of nerve testing, hand eye co-ordination fun. Can you pick out the right targets?
Plays: 78062
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  • SkarSkater - how do u get past level 7 like cause i cant get his arm is ther a diff way
  • wattsy - die stickmen die
  • dandman999 - for some reason, you can't use the final gun for the boom-man. i just used my first one!
  • dandman999 - so ace
  • XZXICHIGO1XZX - Very cool indeed
  • Patrick Bross - this game is fun
  • AShadowbox - how to get past the boom-man: shoot the tree. shoot the bottles by the garage door. shoot the power box
  • HeadHunter - up to boom man, can't get pass

    need help