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Button Hunt
Button HuntThere's a red button hidden in there somewhere!
Plays: 77121
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  • Sarah - this is a great games for the brain
  • USMarines - my favorite trophy is the bronze one
  • PAKI BASTARDS - omg this game is so shit
  • domo - i hate stage 8
  • domo - this is so easy!
  • dandman999 - oops accidently clicked submit and dont know where i am. can an admin delete that so i can redo it from the start?
  • dandman999 - guide to BH 1, see also my BH 2 guide.

    click button,
    drag tv, click button,
    hover over fuse, click button,
    click button 736172,
    click button, click button with cross through,
    follow path, click button,
    hover over square, move right, right-click, click button 2 times,
    go on: Start/All Programs/Button, clcik button,
    click person,
    click catapult,
    load gun, fire 3 times, click button,
    click rain, click button,
    click colour thing under tools, click red, click button, click button,
    click green button, click down twice, click green button,
    hover ? box, click button,
    click the word "buttons" at bottom of first page,
    click place bid in 4 seconds, click button,
    click button,
  • dandman999 - how 2 hack level 8. right click then left click the button. so easy!
  • dandman999 - fingers slipping on level 8
  • vgarc5 - THIS IS SO LAME AND EASY!!!?...
  • fratboy - thisgame is kinda wierd
  • fratboy - im a newbie idk how to play this game
  • domo - ha this game is so easy