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Button Hunt 2
Button Hunt 2Find the red button in each of these scenes!
Plays: 83120
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  • Venom Miraclezz - I Luv Thz Game
  • domo - why does it have to take so long to load
  • Stuff5 - To finish the final one drag the 2 stone slabs into the hands(left slab left right slab right.Click on the door way and quickly move the mouse out of the game screen or for those who doesn`t want to cheat avoid the boulder and walls.Drag the fire stone to the fire hole water stone to water hole and circle stone to circle hole.Go to the top of the game screen(middle)click the button.
  • domo - i can't get the pumpkin thing
  • dandman999 - hang on the secrets are impossible, cause you cannot quit ingame!
  • dandman999 - the first bit should say LEAFLET, not BOTTLE, but i was just testing you, to see if you really are stupid (not really, but...)
  • dandman999 - phew thats longer then i thought!
  • dandman999 - here's a quick guide to get up to the Boss: Concrete Thinking egyptian level.
    click the button in the top secret bottle,
    click the left arrows on the remote till you get to the button,
    click the button on the middle of the phone 2 times then click the button on the phone screen,
    go to the shopping channel, download the button then select the button channel,
    click and drag the ship out of the way of the boulders then click the button,
    click the fish with the button on,
    drag the club into the ball then click the button on the scorecard,
    move the lid, the banana and the book to reach the button,
    plug the socket in, then click the button,
    hover over the square then move off screen and go to the bottom and click.
    "outside the box thinker" recived!
    click the grenade before you die then click the blood button,
    push S + NA + CE, then click the button,
    put the lights on in order, click inbetween the lights,
    hover over the gap then click the hanging bits to get to the button, then click it,
    put the ammo in the bottom, pull the top back to reload, click the bit above the trigger to release the safety catch, press the trigger, then click the button,
    shake the pop then click the button at the top,
    put the coins in, select the button, knock the right side of the machine, click PUSH, click the button,
    collect the coins then at the end of the coins is the button,
    hover over the music notes then click the button on the end of the rose,
    the key doesn't work, oh no, take the top off, then click the button.
    "creative thinker" recived!
    put the fuel on the fire, click the match box, select the match, drag the match across the strip, put the food on, take the lid off, click the button,
    take the lid off, click 2 times, drag the lower shoe out, click the little ball Jordan's holding,
    take the light bulb out, put the blue one in, press the red button,
    click DRAIN, click the red button,
    click his right hand, click the red light,
    click the arrows quickly, press the red button,
    click the red button, hover over the grey box, open it, click the red button,
    click the scissors, drag the sachet down, hover above the glass, click the water, hover above the glass, click the spoon, press the arrows, press the red button,
    click the knife, go around the circle anti-clockwise, click the center, drag the knife away, light the candle with the lighter, drag the candle in the pumpkin, turn the light off, click the red light,
    drag the left stone on her left hand, drag the right stone on the right hand, click the doorway,
    fail miserably.

    congrats, you have finished the guide!
  • dandman999 - somehow you have to stay ahead
  • gunit - what thing is it on the xmas 1
  • Ludakris11 - how do u do the xmas 1
  • domo - how do you do the x-mas thing
  • domo - what egyptian thing are you talking about
  • domo - how do you do the space thing