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Puzzle Games
Latest Puzzle Games

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25 Boxes
25 Boxes (Plays: 2633)
Search for the numbers, letters and symbols as quickly as you ...
3D Logic
3D Logic (Plays: 15925)
Connect the colors together! Sound simple? Think again!
Assembler (Plays: 1284)
Get the shape to the green outline!
Assembler 2
Assembler 2 (Plays: 1157)
Assembler is back and even more challenging than before! Get t...
Assembler 3
Assembler 3 (Plays: 4253)
Use and abuse all the boxes, poles and bodies of water that ar...
Assembler 4
Assembler 4 (Plays: 5661)
Your task is again to match up the green shapes with their gre...
Avalancher (Plays: 1121)
Help shield the eskimo from the imminent avalanche! Find and b...
Ballooner (Plays: 36491)
Save the good balloons, blow up the explosive balloons, destro...
Bathroom Simulator
Bathroom Simulator (Plays: 58925)
Just how much do you know about the etiquette of male urinatio...
Battleship Conflict
Battleship Conflict (Plays: 4996)
Ahoy there captains. You have 5 navy fleet ships at your comma...
Beetle Run
Beetle Run (Plays: 7320)
Direct the dung beetle around the maze to his hole in the ground!
Best Friends Forever 3
Best Friends Forever 3 (Plays: 1240)
In order for all 3 miners to make it safely to the exit, they ...
BioGems (Plays: 1115)
Launch deadly attacks and brutally defeat a vast range of oppo...
Blockarelli (Plays: 6698)
Remove blocks of the same colour in groups of 3 or more!
Blosics (Plays: 7193)
As online physics games go, they don't come much better than t...
Blosics 2
Blosics 2 (Plays: 21116)
Blosics is back, with more blocks and balls than before. Gravi...
Blosics 2: Levels Pack
Blosics 2: Levels Pack (Plays: 1299)
Blosics is back and there are heaps of user-created levels her...
Blosics 3
Blosics 3 (Plays: 1155)
Blosics is back again! Many more types of ball, talking blocks...
Boombot (Plays: 3206)
Help Boombot get to the exit in each level, by giving him a bl...
Boombot 2
Boombot 2 (Plays: 1163)
Use fuses, boulders and planks to help you blast Boombot throu...
Boomshine (Plays: 2356)
Create chain reactions of exploding dots! Explode the minimum ...
Brain Spa: Visual Memory
Brain Spa: Visual Me... (Plays: 1436)
Help the townsfolk of Brainville with some tricky tasks! Give ...
Bubble Spinner
Bubble Spinner (Plays: 3434)
Shooting bubbles isn't so easy when the bubbles are on a rotat...
Button Hunt
Button Hunt (Plays: 77120)
There's a red button hidden in there somewhere!
Button Hunt 2
Button Hunt 2 (Plays: 83120)
Find the red button in each of these scenes!
ButtonHunt 3
ButtonHunt 3 (Plays: 8819)
The red buttons have been hid again! If you can't find them, y...
Christmas Crush
Christmas Crush (Plays: 1405)
Get yourself in the festive spirit by clearing the board of th...
Clockwords: Prelude
Clockwords: Prelude (Plays: 3341)
A rival inventor has sent mechanical bugs to steal secrets fro...
Cog Factory
Cog Factory (Plays: 7536)
Group the cogs into sets of 3 to remove them!
Continuity (Plays: 3222)
Grab hold of the red key and head for the red door! However, y...
Cover Orange
Cover Orange (Plays: 4152)
Make sure all the oranges are protected from the lethal rain! ...
Cover Orange 2
Cover Orange 2 (Plays: 1262)
Keep Orange safe from the rain once again! Remember, rain is c...
Cover Orange Players Pack
Cover Orange Players... (Plays: 1111)
Orange and his fruity friends are absolutely petrified of the ...
Cover Orange Players Pack 2
Cover Orange Players... (Plays: 1009)
Orange really needs your help sheltering from the deadly rain ...
Creature Keepers
Creature Keepers (Plays: 38168)
Make rows of three or more matching animals to get points and ...
Cube Crash
Cube Crash (Plays: 16763)
There's more to succeeding at this game than sheer luck - thin...
Cubed (Plays: 3803)
One way or another, you've got to get to touch the round targe...
Cyclop Physics
Cyclop Physics (Plays: 51553)
Help the green and red cyclops get to their respective platfor...
Doodle Devil
Doodle Devil (Plays: 1193)
Doodle Devil needs your help to destroy the universe as we kno...
Doodle God
Doodle God (Plays: 1287)
Combine elements and create your very own world!
Doodle God 2
Doodle God 2 (Plays: 1314)
The sequel to Doodle God is here! Inventing your own world is ...
Duck: Think Outside the Flock
Duck: Think Outside ... (Plays: 13236)
Think outside the box, I mean flock, in order to pass each of ...
Electric Box
Electric Box (Plays: 1076)
Electricity is a wonderful thing, but it's useless if you cann...
Electric Box 2
Electric Box 2 (Plays: 1060)
Electric Box 2 is even more electrifyingly brilliant than the ...
Escape 3 - The Phone Booth
Escape 3 - The Phone... (Plays: 16371)
Your trapped inside a phone booth .... ESCAPE!
Finding Santa
Finding Santa (Plays: 1362)
Can you pick out the odd Santa? You'll need good observational...
Gateway (Plays: 1092)
Guide the robot through a series of rooms. Each room contains ...
Gateway 2
Gateway 2 (Plays: 1157)
Put your logical thinking to the test! Solve a challenge in ev...
Globulos Challenge
Globulos Challenge (Plays: 3812)
Take control of your Globulos' and try to complete all of the ...
Gravity Off
Gravity Off (Plays: 2332)
Make it to the end of every level by turning gravity on and of...
Guardian Rock
Guardian Rock (Plays: 3028)
After years of inactivity, archaeologists have decided to intr...
Guesstimation (Plays: 960)
Guesstimation will send 15 quickfire estimation puzzles your w...
Hotspots (Plays: 2599)
Find the hotspots within the group of circles. There may be mo...
Idiot Test
Idiot Test (Plays: 19759)
How much of an idiot are you? Play the game and find out!
Jolly Jong Journey
Jolly Jong Journey (Plays: 35661)
A mahjong game with a twist! Match up the pairs in a given seq...
Kokimi (Plays: 2378)
Swap your Kokimis around so they match the colour of the incom...
Kullors (Plays: 2111)
The Kullors are cute little guys, but they're really bad at fi...
Kullors 2
Kullors 2 (Plays: 1517)
Pair up the compatible Kullors to complete each level. Mix tw...
Kullors Unlimited
Kullors Unlimited (Plays: 1270)
It would be an absolute tragedy if any of these cute little Ku...
LaserBox (Plays: 5582)
Detect (and avoid crushing!) hidden mirrors within the grid of...
Linyca (Plays: 2810)
This is no ordinary block breaking game - this is a musical bl...
Magic Towers Solitaire
Magic Towers Solitaire (Plays: 4731)
Clear the three towers of cards to pass each level. Cards can ...
Mass Attack
Mass Attack (Plays: 10786)
Match the weights and balance the scales. You need a good eye ...
Maus Trap
Maus Trap (Plays: 4516)
Click and drag the cheese, Peanut the Mouse will follow it, an...
Mind Training
Mind Training (Plays: 4687)
Complete this tricky memory puzzle in the least amount of move...
Mindfields 2204
Mindfields 2204 (Plays: 4634)
Navigate your way through enemy lines using only what you have...
Ninja Mushroom
Ninja Mushroom (Plays: 40313)
Guide your amazing ninja mushroom all the way through the myst...
Ninjas! (Plays: 1163)
Change your elemental form to gain an advantage over your enem...
Obechi (Plays: 3640)
Hand-eye co-ordination and quick reactions hold the key to suc...
Pipol Smasher
Pipol Smasher (Plays: 2094)
Take control of the motor vehicles in each scenario, and make ...
Plumber (Plays: 14955)
Connect the tap to overflow pipe ... simple! Yeah right! All y...
Polygonal Fury
Polygonal Fury (Plays: 2135)
Set off chain reactions and destroy the required amount of pol...
RIFT (Plays: 2139)
Your master is absolutely starving! Make sure he doesn't go hu...
Ringmania (Plays: 2034)
Collect the rings in groups of three to make them disappear. C...
Ringmania 2
Ringmania 2 (Plays: 1875)
Steer the cross and collect the rings in groups of 3 of the sa...
Rotate & Roll
Rotate & Roll (Plays: 4269)
To complete each level, rotate the screen to get all of the ba...
Screw The Nut
Screw The Nut (Plays: 2954)
Take advantage of gravity and slopes, and guide the nut safely...
Screw The Nut 2
Screw The Nut 2 (Plays: 1049)
It is your mission to reunite the nut with the screw!
Semantic Wars
Semantic Wars (Plays: 3692)
Use the clue to guess the word at the bottom of the screen - t...
Shinju (Plays: 4139)
Can you find the shell containing the pearl? Based on similar ...
Snow Maze
Snow Maze (Plays: 994)
Escape the snow maze by collecting up all of the stars!
Stackopolis (Plays: 5009)
Become the construction manager of several new builds that are...
Switch (Plays: 1561)
Collect all of the balls before the timer runs out. One proble...
The Harry Stick Journey
The Harry Stick Jour... (Plays: 1016)
Harry desperately needs your help to survive! Choose the right...
The Impossible Quiz
The Impossible Quiz (Plays: 1451)
Be warned - The Impossible Quiz is going to make you want to r...
The Impossible Quiz 2
The Impossible Quiz 2 (Plays: 8542)
This quiz isn't impossible - just devilishly tricky. It may re...
Tile Up
Tile Up (Plays: 24051)
Start from the top left corner, and gradually take over the bo...
Towers (Plays: 6793)
Flatten the towers to complete the puzzle.
Untangle (Plays: 17316)
Untangle all the lines so that none are crossing - Sounds easy...
Water Werks
Water Werks (Plays: 4052)
Spray the scenery with water to make sure you get the blobs to...
Way Of An Idea
Way Of An Idea (Plays: 4263)
Use chalk to help you land the apple on Einstein's head (wasn'...
Zombie Boom
Zombie Boom (Plays: 1031)
Time for some complete zombie carnage! Blow the zombies to bit...
Bathroom Boffin
Score more than 20 on Bathroom Simulator