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Arcade Games
Latest Arcade Games

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AdvanSnake (Plays: 1523)
An updated version of the classic game that is Snake! A retro ...
Air Patrol
Air Patrol (Plays: 3638)
Catch the illegal aliens before they can make it across the de...
Bimmin (Plays: 1203)
Help Bimmin escape from the hungry dinosaur that is currently ...
Bimmin 2
Bimmin 2 (Plays: 1228)
Bimmin and his new friend are in need of help! Can they pass t...
Bimmin: Haunted Night
Bimmin: Haunted Night (Plays: 1316)
Bimmin needs your help escaping from the zombie dinosaur! Jump...
Bloons (Plays: 190542)
Everyone likes popping bloons! Pop enough to advance to the ne...
Bloons - Even More
Bloons - Even More (Plays: 22266)
Pop the bloons (again)! Simple!
Bloons - Insanity
Bloons - Insanity (Plays: 6271)
If you thought that Bloons could be challenging before, then y...
Bloons - More
Bloons - More (Plays: 14225)
Pop the bloons! You know the score!
Bloons - PP.1
Bloons - PP.1 (Plays: 14738)
More bloons to pop! This time with levels created by players!
Bloons - PP.2
Bloons - PP.2 (Plays: 13026)
More bloons to pop! This time with levels created by players!
Bloons - PP.3
Bloons - PP.3 (Plays: 14530)
More bloons to pop! This time with levels created by players!
Bloons - PP.4
Bloons - PP.4 (Plays: 63629)
More bloons to pop! This time with levels created by players!
Bloons - PP.5
Bloons - PP.5 (Plays: 7373)
More levels made by fellow players for you to try and pop your...
Bloons 2
Bloons 2 (Plays: 17514)
The sequel to the original Bloons is finally here! More bloons...
Bloons 2 - Christmas Expansion
Bloons 2 - Christmas... (Plays: 1182)
Bloons is back with a christmas spectacular! Have fun popping ...
Bloons 2 - Spring Fling
Bloons 2 - Spring Fl... (Plays: 1568)
Spring has sprung and Bloons has delivered a basketful of bran...
Bloons Supermonkey
Bloons Supermonkey (Plays: 11150)
Supermonkey is on a mission to pop as many bloons as he can. P...
Bombardment (Plays: 1209)
Call in the air strikes to eliminate all of the tiny green ali...
Bounce (Plays: 12223)
Bounce your way around the level making sure you hit everything!
Bouncy Bob
Bouncy Bob (Plays: 2451)
Help Bouncy Bob get to freedom by bouncing him to the portal a...
Box Office
Box Office (Plays: 4009)
You've just become a Box Office Manager! The cinema customers ...
Bubble Pop
Bubble Pop (Plays: 8098)
Pop the bubbles as they appear! Don't let them hit the sides!
Bubble Shooter
Bubble Shooter (Plays: 19087)
Eliminate the bubbles by getting them in groups of 3 or more o...
Bubble Sifter
Bubble Sifter (Plays: 3952)
Clear the board of all the bubbles in the least amount of time...
Bubbles (Plays: 8170)
Grow your bubble as big as possible by consuming others! Mind ...
Bug War 2
Bug War 2 (Plays: 1384)
The survival of your colony is at stake! Ensure that your colo...
Captain Skyro
Captain Skyro (Plays: 1071)
Help our daring pirate, Captain Skyro, as he attempts to sling...
Cat a Pult
Cat a Pult (Plays: 10596)
Launch rocks at cats! What could be more fun?!
Christmas - Coal Mine Escape
Christmas - Coal Min... (Plays: 1102)
Save the coal gatherers before they are destroyed by the falli...
Compulse (Plays: 3803)
Use special blocks to influence the direction of the ball. You...
Control (Plays: 1423)
A deceptively difficult game of control. All you have to do is...
Cursor Run
Cursor Run (Plays: 9553)
Beat the other cursor to the target area! Simple!
Dog Hotel
Dog Hotel (Plays: 1075)
Welcome to Dog Hotel - a place where you get to look after som...
Donut Empire
Donut Empire (Plays: 1055)
Can you make a killing in the world of donuts? Create your ver...
Dynamite Blast
Dynamite Blast (Plays: 8863)
Use your limited amount of TNT packages effectively, which usu...
Dynamite Blast 2
Dynamite Blast 2 (Plays: 1304)
Blow barges, towers and vehicles to bits with sticks of dynami...
Enough Plumbers
Enough Plumbers (Plays: 3189)
Create clones on yourself in order to reach the flag at the en...
Evito Ball
Evito Ball (Plays: 1259)
Look after your ball at all costs! Dodge attacks from guns, fl...
Farm Frenzy - Pizza Party
Farm Frenzy - Pizza ... (Plays: 8743)
Run a farm successfully. Feed and grow your animals and produc...
Farm Frenzy 2
Farm Frenzy 2 (Plays: 4269)
Believe it or not, running a farm involves a lot more than fee...
Farm Frenzy 3 - Ice Age
Farm Frenzy 3 - Ice ... (Plays: 4922)
This is no ordinary farm - mainly because it seems to be situa...
Galaxy Jumper
Galaxy Jumper (Plays: 2855)
Your mission is to collect the coins and find the key to the e...
Ghost Flight
Ghost Flight (Plays: 1395)
Keep your ghost flying and floating between the spirit lines, ...
Gibbets (Plays: 9725)
Save the people from hanging to their deaths! Use your bow and...
Gibbets 2
Gibbets 2 (Plays: 5057)
Rescue the innocent civilians before they are strangled to dea...
Gibbets 2: Level Pack
Gibbets 2: Level Pack (Plays: 1425)
Even more innocent people are about to be strangled by the rop...
Gibbets 3
Gibbets 3 (Plays: 1301)
It is time to get your bow and arrow out once more! Take aim a...
Good Ol' Poker
Good Ol' Poker (Plays: 1925)
Welcome to Good Ol' Poker - the classic game of poker, but wit...
Governor Of Poker
Governor Of Poker (Plays: 18252)
Can you become the best poker player in all of Texas? Start by...
Governor Of Poker 2
Governor Of Poker 2 (Plays: 4722)
The Governor of El Paso has banned poker! It's your mission to...
Hanger (Plays: 3307)
Swing through each and every obstacle filled level by moving a...
Hanger 2
Hanger 2 (Plays: 1456)
Swing through each and every obstacle packed level! Try to kee...
Hot Air Bloon
Hot Air Bloon (Plays: 13492)
Click to go up, release to go down. Use these simple controls ...
Ice Breaker
Ice Breaker (Plays: 3796)
Vikings have been frozen in ice! Help them get back to their l...
Ice Cube Bear
Ice Cube Bear (Plays: 1618)
Polar bears though that they were prepared for global warming,...
Kahoots (Plays: 1166)
Rearrange the floor tiles and get the Kahoot safely to the exi...
Lemonade World
Lemonade World (Plays: 2143)
Make a fortune by running your very own lemonade stand! Draw u...
Little Farm
Little Farm (Plays: 5028)
If you think you would suit farm life then test out that theor...
Missile Game 3D
Missile Game 3D (Plays: 6879)
Avoid the obstacles as you hurtle down the narrow passage.
Monkey Stack
Monkey Stack (Plays: 4929)
How high can you build your stack of monkies? Battle against t...
Neon Maze
Neon Maze (Plays: 6112)
There are a lot of walls here. Unfortunately, you can only pas...
Ninja Gardener
Ninja Gardener (Plays: 5493)
As a Ninja you must defend your newly seeded garden from hungr...
Ninja Mouse
Ninja Mouse (Plays: 4721)
Ninja Mouse is learning to evade capture. Guide him from stump...
Ninja Painter
Ninja Painter (Plays: 1067)
Help the Ninja become a perfect painter! Slap a lick of paint ...
Pinball (Plays: 6347)
Pinball - probably the most addictive game that you've never p...
Pirate Race
Pirate Race (Plays: 11459)
Race your pirate ship to gold! Watch out for cannon balls!
Pixel Quest
Pixel Quest (Plays: 1084)
Rex the adventurer is off an a daring mission! He is trying to...
Power Pinball
Power Pinball (Plays: 1112)
This is no ordinary game of pinball - this is pinball with a h...
Red Team
Red Team (Plays: 1463)
You are in sole control of the movement and actions of your tw...
Roly-Poly Eliminator
Roly-Poly Eliminator (Plays: 1327)
Eliminate all of the evil Roly-Polys, without laying a finger ...
Roly-Poly Monsters
Roly-Poly Monsters (Plays: 2304)
Kill all of the Roly-Poly Monsters, but use your bombs efficie...
Running Man
Running Man (Plays: 7498)
This is a game of skill and a test of your reaction time. As t...
Samurai Fruits
Samurai Fruits (Plays: 29064)
Welcome to the world of Samurai Fruit chopping! Use your katan...
Save Me
Save Me (Plays: 18602)
Save the people as they jump from the burning building!
Save Me 2
Save Me 2 (Plays: 5739)
Animals, humans and furniture are jumping from the building! C...
Save Me 3
Save Me 3 (Plays: 8343)
Catch everything that jumps from the window in the safety net!
Sketch (Plays: 8672)
Sketching a picture sounds easy enough, but itís not when you ...
Super Karoshi
Super Karoshi (Plays: 4710)
Run, jump and walk to your death, which usually involves a lot...
The Helicopter Game
The Helicopter Game (Plays: 10660)
One of the simplest, yet most addictive games there is. Naviga...
The Line Game: Grapefruit Edition
The Line Game: Grape... (Plays: 1935)
Guide the grapefruit coloured line through a whole pile of tes...
The Line Game: Lime Edition
The Line Game: Lime ... (Plays: 3036)
Steer the lime green line through every action packed level! A...
Tilt (Plays: 6423)
The name of the game is pretty explanatory. Tilt the platform ...
Tilt 2
Tilt 2 (Plays: 10068)
Balance the platform on the end of your mouse for as long as p...
Tilt 3
Tilt 3 (Plays: 2646)
A single ball and tray is easy enough to keep balanced, but ho...
Touchy (Plays: 7635)
Avoid the red dots whilst collecting the green ones! How big c...
Truck Loader
Truck Loader (Plays: 1109)
Use your immense magnetic forklift truck to load up the lorrie...
Truck Loader 2
Truck Loader 2 (Plays: 1408)
Truck Loader and his magnet have returned!
Truck Loader 3
Truck Loader 3 (Plays: 1639)
Truck Loader, our small but strong hero, is back once more. Ca...
Twin Shot 2
Twin Shot 2 (Plays: 2542)
Fire arrows at all the monsters! Collect power ups, and use yo...
US Debt Game
US Debt Game (Plays: 1103)
Can you navigate the US out of debt, or at least make it until...
Pinball Wizard
Score more than 250000 on Pinball
Chopper Pilot
Score more than 1800 on The Helicopter Game
Red Hot Balloonist
Score more than 750 on Hot Air Bloon