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Action Games
Latest Action Games

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Badabul (Plays: 8271)
Choose your character, and catch the bubbles before they reach...
Batman Revolutions
Batman Revolutions (Plays: 3750)
Aliens have taken Gotham City by surprise and launched an atta...
BioLabs: Outbreak!
BioLabs: Outbreak! (Plays: 4765)
Use your limited amount of antidote to try and trap the outbre...
Bomber Blastic
Bomber Blastic (Plays: 4041)
Explode as many bombs as you can within the time limit. You wi...
Brian Damage: Infinite Slaughter
Brian Damage: Infini... (Plays: 3255)
Earth is being swarmed with monsters! It's down to Brian Damag...
Bubble Struggle 2
Bubble Struggle 2 (Plays: 455617)
Pop the bubbles as they bounce around the screen, don't let th...
Bubble Struggle 3
Bubble Struggle 3 (Plays: 2102)
Bubble Struggle is back with a bang! More bubbles, more insane...
Cactus McCoy
Cactus McCoy (Plays: 1473)
A gem that you once stole turned you into a cactus! Here is yo...
Cactus McCoy 2
Cactus McCoy 2 (Plays: 1527)
Cactus McCoy is embarking on an ambitious adventure! He is on ...
Castle Clout
Castle Clout (Plays: 7341)
Bombard these castles with anything and everything you can. Ex...
Castle Clout 3: A New Age
Castle Clout 3: A Ne... (Plays: 33058)
Use your catapult to usher in a new age. Bring order to these ...
Castle Run
Castle Run (Plays: 2253)
Escape from the castle! It would obviously be rude not to coll...
Choose Your Weapon
Choose Your Weapon (Plays: 1338)
A virus is wreaking havoc across the internet! Choose your wea...
Choose Your Weapon 2
Choose Your Weapon 2 (Plays: 1377)
The virus that is running loose in your computer has mutated! ...
Choose Your Weapon 3
Choose Your Weapon 3 (Plays: 1316)
You are going to need to act smartly to defeat the virus as it...
Choose Your Weapon 4
Choose Your Weapon 4 (Plays: 9666)
Get rid of the virus from your computer, using just about any ...
Choose Your Weapon 5
Choose Your Weapon 5 (Plays: 1393)
This virus will just not die! It even has its own servers this...
Chronotron (Plays: 7921)
Use past versions of yourself to complete the levels!
Civilizations Wars
Civilizations Wars (Plays: 4373)
Lead your nation to a great victory in this challenging strate...
Coma (Plays: 3009)
Pete is trapped in a mysterious subconscious world. Take all t...
Crazy Flasher 2
Crazy Flasher 2 (Plays: 5207)
An awesome side scrolling action game. Can you kick, punch and...
Crazy Flasher 3
Crazy Flasher 3 (Plays: 6242)
It's back! More kicking, more punching and even more shooting!...
Crazy Flasher 4
Crazy Flasher 4 (Plays: 9848)
Many more game modes, many more things to kill! Plus you can d...
Crush The Castle
Crush The Castle (Plays: 19634)
Are you a Royal Success or a Royal Failure? Launch projectiles...
Crush The Castle - Players Pack
Crush The Castle - P... (Plays: 13627)
Castles are often incredibly boring places, but not these ones...
Crush The Castle 2
Crush The Castle 2 (Plays: 5813)
The King has ordered you to crush all the castles in Crushtani...
Dangerous Dungeons
Dangerous Dungeons (Plays: 1719)
Help Timmy, our tiny adventurer, as he explores this set of cr...
Deep (Plays: 2667)
Conquer your way from top to bottom of the ocean in 15 challen...
Duplicator (Plays: 1284)
Your pet is missing! Come through a series of traps and riddle...
Escape Master
Escape Master (Plays: 1517)
Have you got what it takes to survive over 40 levels of this t...
Everest Quest
Everest Quest (Plays: 2189)
Want to scale new heights? There's no need to go out and climb...
Fancy Pants Adventure: World 2
Fancy Pants Adventur... (Plays: 58568)
(A.K.A. FPA 2) Find the exit in all 6 levels and get the ball ...
Fidi (Plays: 5621)
Move the arrows keys to rotate Fidi. Collect the purple square...
Final Ninja
Final Ninja (Plays: 1559)
Takeshi, the Final Ninja, needs your help as he seeks to defea...
Firebug (Plays: 1522)
Help Firebug reach the end of each level whilst collecting up ...
Fragger (Plays: 6201)
You have a limited number of grenades to throw at your enemies...
Freeze Lifter
Freeze Lifter (Plays: 1521)
There are many people stranded in a frozen city. If you don't ...
Gods Playing Field
Gods Playing Field (Plays: 51522)
You decide who lives and who dies. If you've ever wanted a cha...
Gods Playing Field 2
Gods Playing Field 2 (Plays: 64600)
Use the power wisely ... kill everything in an imaginative way!
Head Defence
Head Defence (Plays: 6697)
Use your head to deflect bombs towards your opponents castle!
Helicops! (Plays: 4168)
Helicopter fighting doesn't come much better than this. Take t...
Hetherdale (Plays: 1261)
Dr. Heather Montrose is on an expedition in the heart of Afric...
Hot Tub
Hot Tub (Plays: 1330)
Get yourself to the safety of the subway!
Indestruc2 Tank
Indestruc2 Tank (Plays: 3469)
Choose your game mode, then get ready to cause some more chaos...
Indestructo Tank
Indestructo Tank (Plays: 8805)
Your only weapon here - is yourself! Luckily enough, you are i...
Island (Plays: 7575)
Protect your little piece of paradise from rapid development a...
Jailbreak (Plays: 1223)
You are desperate to escape from the jail! Sadly, there are pl...
Jailbreak 2
Jailbreak 2 (Plays: 1268)
You are back in the jail house once more! Evade the extremely ...
Kebab Krazy
Kebab Krazy (Plays: 4544)
Get your kebab skewer at the ready, because you're about to ta...
Kebab Van
Kebab Van (Plays: 10334)
How much money can you make in one night, just by selling kebabs?
Mad Tanks
Mad Tanks (Plays: 3338)
Entertain both your destructive and thinking parts of your bra...
Mario Ghosthouse
Mario Ghosthouse (Plays: 5998)
Mario's got himself lost in a haunted house. Help him to find ...
Mighty Red Orb of Eternal Power
Mighty Red Orb of Et... (Plays: 1287)
Shoot through walls, avoid obstacles and collect power-ups to ...
Monster's Den - Book of Dread
Monster's Den - Book... (Plays: 13967)
Explore the dungeons, find treasure and defeat the monsters!
Mumphy (Quest for Banana)
Mumphy (Quest for Ba... (Plays: 3654)
A thief has stolen all of the fruit from the jungle, and has e...
Ninja +2
Ninja +2 (Plays: 4271)
Time to enter ninja mode. Collect coins, swing from ropes, run...
Nuke It
Nuke It (Plays: 1410)
Collide electrons with plasma sparks and turn your microwave i...
Panda's Big Adventure
Panda's Big Adventure (Plays: 4560)
Panda has been instruced to acquire alien technology from a to...
Panda's Bigger Adventure
Panda's Bigger Adven... (Plays: 4327)
Pirates have been playing around with Panda's time machine and...
Pixel Quest: The Lost Gifts
Pixel Quest: The Los... (Plays: 1196)
Santa has lost some gifts and Christmas is approaching fast! C...
Raft Wars
Raft Wars (Plays: 8399)
From your tiny raft you must sink the pirates and anything els...
RedCap (Plays: 3690)
Assist Redcap in getting through the levels. Look for switches...
Rodent Tree Jump
Rodent Tree Jump (Plays: 3190)
Prove your tree jumping skills here, and become a legend for a...
Sandcastle (Plays: 10257)
This is not your regular sandcastle - it has a cannon in it. B...
Shadez (Plays: 5568)
Produce and upgrade your own army, and defeat whatever lies in...
Shadez 2
Shadez 2 (Plays: 7910)
You have helicopters, troops, tanks and airstrikes at your dis...
Space Madness
Space Madness (Plays: 2820)
There's been a distress call received from an exoplanetary min...
Split Stocks
Split Stocks (Plays: 5406)
All the fun of the stock exchange with 0 percent of the risk! ...
Stick Bang
Stick Bang (Plays: 5789)
Stickland is full of Stick Giants who don't tend to get on ver...
Sticky Ninja Academy
Sticky Ninja Academy (Plays: 1750)
Welcome to the Sticky Ninja Academy! Complete all 30 levels an...
Stinky Bean
Stinky Bean (Plays: 3905)
Run, jump and shoot your way across this rather bizarre land. ...
Stinky Bean 2
Stinky Bean 2 (Plays: 3406)
Scatmonkey has destroyed Stinky Bean, and the rest of the bean...
Stinky Bean Fling
Stinky Bean Fling (Plays: 3907)
Get a hold of Stinky Bean, and chuck him as far as you can! Sc...
Stunt Pilot
Stunt Pilot (Plays: 13373)
Can you complete all the courses without crashing? Fly through...
Super Briefcase
Super Briefcase (Plays: 5728)
Bombs are dropping from everywhere and you have no clue who is...
Survival (Plays: 6547)
There shall be no outdoor survival kit or emergency survival k...
Swordless Ninja
Swordless Ninja (Plays: 4176)
The evil Gorbazaki has not only stolen our Little Ninja Mabush...
The Battle
The Battle (Plays: 7740)
Use your resources to create an army capable of defeating all ...
The Scarecrow's Revenge
The Scarecrow's Reve... (Plays: 4143)
The Scarecrow is indeed plotting his revenge - and it involves...
The Tickler
The Tickler (Plays: 3955)
The Tickler was originally designed to be a loving and helpful...
Throw Me
Throw Me (Plays: 19461)
Throw the stretchy guy as far as you can! It's all about timing!
Troll's Rage
Troll's Rage (Plays: 4244)
The Orcs and Goblins have been keeping Troll locked up so they...
Troy (Plays: 4836)
Buy upgrades for your castle and troops, in order to build the...
Uncharted Skies
Uncharted Skies (Plays: 1253)
Take part in this turn based aerial dogfight! Play with up to ...
Wallstreet Massacre
Wallstreet Massacre (Plays: 6943)
Bernie Madoff's done you over and you're not happy about it at...
Warface (Plays: 4868)
This dirty little diner has more to it than appears at first s...
Warface 2
Warface 2 (Plays: 3840)
Walker is stuck in a snowstorm in the middle of nowhere. Help ...
Warlords (Plays: 18591)
Take over the world by masterminding your way through many bat...
Weirdville (Plays: 1102)
Welcome to Weirdville. This is probably the only place on eart...
wOne (Plays: 17855)
Get yourself on a roll in this addictive skill game! Try to co...
wOne 2
wOne 2 (Plays: 15663)
Roll your wheel around the level, collecting all the golden ba...
Wrath (Plays: 6920)
You are God. Bestow your wrath on the pitiful creatures of Earth!
Wrath II
Wrath II (Plays: 6870)
You are God again. Don't let the power go to your head ...
Youda Survivor
Youda Survivor (Plays: 1206)
Prepare for an adventure of epic proportions! Survive at all c...
Youda Survivor 2
Youda Survivor 2 (Plays: 1093)
Do all that you can to survive! Will you make the ultimate sac...
Zombieland (Plays: 10159)
Zombies aren't really feeling the carnival spirit, and have tu...
Fire in the Hole!
Score more than 75000 on Fragger