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Sports Games
Latest Sports Games

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110m Hurdler
110m Hurdler (Plays: 5199)
Can you break the 10 second barrier? A perfect start and fault...
40 Yard Dash
40 Yard Dash (Plays: 2845)
Mash two buttons and sprint the 40 yard dash as quickly as you...
African Nations Cup
African Nations Cup (Plays: 5793)
Can you lead your side to African Nations glory by scoring fro...
Animal Raceway
Animal Raceway (Plays: 2076)
You are stranded on a desert island! Train up your creature, i...
Arcade Volley
Arcade Volley (Plays: 1261)
This is no ordinary volley game - this is volleying with power...
Ashes 2 Ashes: Zombie Cricket
Ashes 2 Ashes: Zombi... (Plays: 20802)
The most famous test series in the world just got a bit bloodi...
Axis Football League
Axis Football League (Plays: 1828)
Make your choice from 14 sides and then go on to lead your sid...
Bar Challenge - Arm Wrestling
Bar Challenge - Arm ... (Plays: 1349)
How bulky are your biceps? Take on these bar regulars at their...
Base Jumping
Base Jumping (Plays: 1463)
Become the new King of Extreme Sports by working your way up t...
Baseball (Plays: 11800)
Time your swing perfectly to smash the ball out of the park. C...
BasketBalls (Plays: 1497)
The aim is simple - get the basketball through the hoop. Getti...
Bench Press
Bench Press (Plays: 2761)
Tone up your muscles by hitting the gym and doing some hardcor...
Blast Billiards Gold
Blast Billiards Gold (Plays: 1396)
Get your billiards cue out once more! Here are twnety fiendish...
Boom Boom Volleyball
Boom Boom Volleyball (Plays: 10685)
Volleyball with a bomb - Dangerous!
Bowling (Plays: 6490)
Load up your bowling bag, because you're hitting the lanes! Du...
Caveman Olympics
Caveman Olympics (Plays: 1501)
Compete in the Caveman Olympics! Take part in the most excitin...
Crossbar Challenge
Crossbar Challenge (Plays: 19447)
Hit the crossbar as many times as you can in 10 balls!
Cyclo Maniacs
Cyclo Maniacs (Plays: 10156)
Ever ridden a bike whilst dressed as Elvis? This game comprise...
Cyclo Maniacs 2
Cyclo Maniacs 2 (Plays: 2777)
The Cycle King needs your help as he seeks to rescue Princess ...
Death Penalty: Zombie Football
Death Penalty: Zombi... (Plays: 6401)
Zombies are flooding onto the pitch, they think it's all over!...
Downhill Snowboard
Downhill Snowboard (Plays: 1306)
Grab your snowboard and head for the mountains! Control the ra...
Downhill Snowboard 2
Downhill Snowboard 2 (Plays: 1470)
Downhill Snowboard returns! There are unlockable players, unlo...
Elite Base Jump
Elite Base Jump (Plays: 7610)
Show your opponents what a good base jumper looks like! The la...
Extreme Heli Boarding
Extreme Heli Boarding (Plays: 4754)
Grab your snowboard and head for the slopes! The only way to g...
Fishing Frenzy
Fishing Frenzy (Plays: 55512)
Cast your line and see what you can catch! Bigger means better!
Flash Cricket 2
Flash Cricket 2 (Plays: 9612)
Take to the field as you bat your way to victory!
Goalkeeper Challenge
Goalkeeper Challenge (Plays: 4275)
20 shots are going to come your way - how many can you save?! ...
Golf Jam
Golf Jam (Plays: 9968)
Hit the green, hit the target, complete all the missions!
Gone To The Dogs
Gone To The Dogs (Plays: 11673)
Get your bets on now because it's dog racing time! Race your d...
Grand Prix Tycoon
Grand Prix Tycoon (Plays: 3275)
Take control of your own Formula 1 motorracing team! Hire a dr...
Gravitee (Plays: 4449)
Golf on an inter-galactic scale! Get the ball from one planet,...
Gravitee 2
Gravitee 2 (Plays: 4151)
There are many challenges and holes of space-golf to be comple...
Gravity Football Champions 2012
Gravity Football Cha... (Plays: 40915)
Physics and football combine! Use the force of gravity to stee...
Hurdles: Road To Olympic Games
Hurdles: Road To Oly... (Plays: 27213)
Compete in hurdles races on athletics tracks all across the gl...
Hyper Vault
Hyper Vault (Plays: 1410)
It's pole vault time! Get a firm grip on your pole, plant it w...
Icycle (Plays: 2326)
The next ice age is here, but to the lonely survivor, it's as ...
Javelin Champion
Javelin Champion (Plays: 3017)
Launch the javelin as far as possible. Lace up your spikes and...
Jeeves Volleyball
Jeeves Volleyball (Plays: 7498)
LIke normal volleyball but with a teapot?! Hit the teapot over...
Kayak King
Kayak King (Plays: 1047)
Kayak your way through ten tough rapids! Avoid the deadly rock...
Long Jump
Long Jump (Plays: 1244)
The classic Olympic event finally hits the internet and in som...
Match Day Of The Dead
Match Day Of The Dead (Plays: 1478)
Zombie footballers are on the rampage! Steady yourself, take a...
Monkey Curling
Monkey Curling (Plays: 8284)
Send the monkeys sliding down the ice to the scoring zone at t...
Olympic Challenge
Olympic Challenge (Plays: 1048)
Take part in three Olympic disciplines - the hurdles, match sa...
On Your Marks!
On Your Marks! (Plays: 1153)
A test of your reaction times. Get yourself up and out of the ...
Original Blast Billiards 2008
Original Blast Billi... (Plays: 15520)
Pot all the balls before the time runs out ... too simple! Let...
Paddle Ball
Paddle Ball (Plays: 9483)
Grab hold of your ping-pong bat and keep the ball in the air f...
Pass and Move Football Training
Pass and Move Footba... (Plays: 2729)
How far can your squad keep hold of the ball in this pass and ...
Penalty Fever
Penalty Fever (Plays: 4914)
Pick your favourite major European team, then try and shoot th...
Penalty Fever Plus
Penalty Fever Plus (Plays: 15099)
You will take the role of both the penalty taker and the goalk...
Perfect Pitch
Perfect Pitch (Plays: 1007)
The big football match is fast approaching on Saturday! Make s...
Pinch Hitter
Pinch Hitter (Plays: 1412)
Grab your baseball bat! Face 10 tricky pitches and score as ma...
Pinch Hitter - Home Run Hero
Pinch Hitter - Home ... (Plays: 2053)
You have five balls to hit as many points with as you can! For...
Pinch Hitter 2
Pinch Hitter 2 (Plays: 21119)
Take to the field as you work your way up from playing in the ...
Pirate Golf Adventure
Pirate Golf Adventure (Plays: 3205)
Help Caribo the Pirate on his adventures by completing these h...
Play For Your Club 09/10
Play For Your Club 0... (Plays: 5225)
Use your keyboard or your mouse (whichever suits you best!) to...
Powergolf (Plays: 6843)
Take advantage of upgrades such as a giant hole to keep your s...
Powerpool (Plays: 1057)
This is no ordinary pool - this is pool with power-ups! Shoot,...
Powerpool 2
Powerpool 2 (Plays: 1055)
Pick out your pool cue! Powerpool is back with more tables and...
Powerpool Frenzy
Powerpool Frenzy (Plays: 994)
Powerpool is back again! It returns with even more power-up fu...
Pub Snooker
Pub Snooker (Plays: 2228)
Nothing beats a classic game of snooker at your local pub! Gra...
Race Horse Tycoon
Race Horse Tycoon (Plays: 13749)
Buy a race horse and compete in local and national events. Hir...
Ragdoll Goalkeeper
Ragdoll Goalkeeper (Plays: 74670)
Pull the keeper in the right direction to keep out the shots!
Ragdoll Volleyball
Ragdoll Volleyball (Plays: 1697)
Five other ragdolls stand between you and Ragdoll Volleyball g...
Ronaldo 2 Real
Ronaldo 2 Real (Plays: 7272)
Ronaldo's desperate to get all the way to Madrid. Unfortunatel...
Rugby Ruckus: Six Nations Confrontation
Rugby Ruckus: Six Na... (Plays: 4122)
Tackle, dodge and swerve your way through sixteen tough rugby ...
Sepp Splatter
Sepp Splatter (Plays: 4050)
Sepp's taken up residence at the arrivals lounge in order to s...
Ski Maniacs
Ski Maniacs (Plays: 2691)
Grab your skis, as you're headed out to race on a whole host o...
Ski Run
Ski Run (Plays: 1739)
Nine insane tracks of crazy downhill skiing await you!
Ski Runner
Ski Runner (Plays: 1420)
Zoom down Mt. Infinity at crazy speeds! Some side effects from...
Ski Runner 2
Ski Runner 2 (Plays: 1190)
Dodge trees, rocks and yetis as you hurtle at breakneck speed ...
Slugger Baseball
Slugger Baseball (Plays: 5425)
You don't need a baseball ticket to be in the crowd - you're t...
Smashtastic Cricket: World Cup Hero
Smashtastic Cricket:... (Plays: 1733)
Time to take the Cricket World Cup by storm! Create your very ...
Snowboard Slalom Xtreme
Snowboard Slalom Xtr... (Plays: 5353)
Keep an eye out for exploding snowmen and suicidal penguins as...
Soccer Balls
Soccer Balls (Plays: 4311)
Annoy the referees, with a little help from gravity! Make sure...
Soccer Dribble
Soccer Dribble (Plays: 5069)
There are no soccer goals or corner flags to be seen here - ju...
Soccer Set Piece Superstar
Soccer Set Piece Sup... (Plays: 1241)
Welcome to derby day in the Premier League! Pick your side and...
Soccer World Cup 2010
Soccer World Cup 2010 (Plays: 5773)
The World Cup in South Africa is finally here, and there's har...
Solipskier (Plays: 1005)
Draw your own slopes and cliffs as you ski! Make sure that you...
Sports Heads Football Championship
Sports Heads Footbal... (Plays: 8602)
Can you win the Sports Heads Cup? Emerge victorious from a who...
Sports Heads: Football
Sports Heads: Football (Plays: 3769)
Sports Heads takes you into a world of goals, headers and voll...
Sports Heads: Tennis
Sports Heads: Tennis (Plays: 2313)
Go and fetch your tennis racket and tennis balls, we're headed...
Striker Run
Striker Run (Plays: 7269)
Defenders hate it when strikers have a good old run at them, a...
Surf Stud
Surf Stud (Plays: 4696)
Grab some surfing wax, and smooth up your board - you're heade...
The World's Strongest Man
The World's Stronges... (Plays: 13946)
Power your way through six different strength based events wit...
TrackStar (Plays: 7292)
Time to become a true all-round athlete. The stage is set for ...
Triple Jump Champion
Triple Jump Champion (Plays: 2517)
Hop, step and jump your way to victory! Excellent timing is cr...
Unicycle King
Unicycle King (Plays: 7183)
The ultimate test of balance and control! Take a seat aboard y...
Volley Pro
Volley Pro (Plays: 15120)
A multiplayer volley ball game, can you beat your mates? Simil...
Wonderputt (Plays: 1320)
Grab your putter - this is like no game of golf you'll have ev...
World Basketball Challenge
World Basketball Cha... (Plays: 9689)
Become a basketball legend! Change your appearance and attribu...
World Cup Vuvuzela Nailer
World Cup Vuvuzela N... (Plays: 2526)
Those blasted vuvuzelas have been getting on everyone's nerves...
X Running
X Running (Plays: 10983)
Free run your way through dangerous levels, watch out for huge...
Zombie Golf - Club House Of The Dead
Zombie Golf - Club H... (Plays: 1196)
The undead are taking over the world and are wreaking havoc ou...
Score more than 200 on Fishing Frenzy
One Wheeled Wonder
Score more than 1500 on Unicycle King
Top Stopper
Score more than 15 on Ragdoll Goalkeeper
Home Run Hero
Score more than 1000 on Baseball
King of the Pins
Score more than 200 on Bowling