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110m Hurdler
110m Hurdler (Plays: 5199)
Can you break the 10 second barrier? A perfect start and fault...
25 Boxes
25 Boxes (Plays: 2633)
Search for the numbers, letters and symbols as quickly as you ...
3D Logic
3D Logic (Plays: 15925)
Connect the colors together! Sound simple? Think again!
40 Yard Dash
40 Yard Dash (Plays: 2845)
Mash two buttons and sprint the 40 yard dash as quickly as you...
A Simple Day
A Simple Day (Plays: 1111)
Come to the rescue of the villagers by saving them from immine...
ACTION TURNIP!!! (Plays: 1416)
Action Turnip is non-stop. In Run'N'Gun mode or Turnabalt mode...
AdvanSnake (Plays: 1523)
An updated version of the classic game that is Snake! A retro ...
African Nations Cup
African Nations Cup (Plays: 5793)
Can you lead your side to African Nations glory by scoring fro...
Air Patrol
Air Patrol (Plays: 3638)
Catch the illegal aliens before they can make it across the de...
Airport Madness
Airport Madness (Plays: 7699)
As an air traffic controller, it's your responsibility to make...
Airport Madness 2
Airport Madness 2 (Plays: 12302)
Take charge of the runways and command your planes safely so t...
Airport Madness 3
Airport Madness 3 (Plays: 1849)
Give takeoff and landing clearances to all of the planes that ...
Alien Bottle Buccaneer
Alien Bottle Buccaneer (Plays: 31881)
You are armed with a huge space gun and there are glass bottle...
Alien Guard
Alien Guard (Plays: 3806)
Help Nanny shoot all the aliens before they can get to him! If...
Alien Guard 2
Alien Guard 2 (Plays: 1078)
Nanny has more angry little aliens coming his way! Use his fir...
Angry Faced Saviour
Angry Faced Saviour (Plays: 9071)
Save all the angry captive smileys! Dodge obstacles and reach ...
Animal Raceway
Animal Raceway (Plays: 2076)
You are stranded on a desert island! Train up your creature, i...
Arcade Volley
Arcade Volley (Plays: 1261)
This is no ordinary volley game - this is volleying with power...
Ashes 2 Ashes: Zombie Cricket
Ashes 2 Ashes: Zombi... (Plays: 20802)
The most famous test series in the world just got a bit bloodi...
Assembler (Plays: 1284)
Get the shape to the green outline!
Assembler 2
Assembler 2 (Plays: 1157)
Assembler is back and even more challenging than before! Get t...
Assembler 3
Assembler 3 (Plays: 4253)
Use and abuse all the boxes, poles and bodies of water that ar...
Assembler 4
Assembler 4 (Plays: 5661)
Your task is again to match up the green shapes with their gre...
Attack Of The Sprouts
Attack Of The Sprouts (Plays: 1093)
Don't let the brussel sprouts spoil your Christmas dinner! Def...
Avalancher (Plays: 1121)
Help shield the eskimo from the imminent avalanche! Find and b...
Axis Football League
Axis Football League (Plays: 1828)
Make your choice from 14 sides and then go on to lead your sid...
Baby Baby Baby
Baby Baby Baby (Plays: 35567)
And I was like baby, baby, baby, oh! Help a well-known singer ...
Badabul (Plays: 8271)
Choose your character, and catch the bubbles before they reach...
Ballooner (Plays: 36491)
Save the good balloons, blow up the explosive balloons, destro...
Bananageddon (Plays: 1062)
Monkeys are taking over the world! Prevent their advance with ...
Bar Challenge - Arm Wrestling
Bar Challenge - Arm ... (Plays: 1349)
How bulky are your biceps? Take on these bar regulars at their...
Base Jumping
Base Jumping (Plays: 1463)
Become the new King of Extreme Sports by working your way up t...
Baseball (Plays: 11800)
Time your swing perfectly to smash the ball out of the park. C...
BasketBalls (Plays: 1497)
The aim is simple - get the basketball through the hoop. Getti...
Bathroom Simulator
Bathroom Simulator (Plays: 58925)
Just how much do you know about the etiquette of male urinatio...
Batman Revolutions
Batman Revolutions (Plays: 3750)
Aliens have taken Gotham City by surprise and launched an atta...
Battleship Conflict
Battleship Conflict (Plays: 4996)
Ahoy there captains. You have 5 navy fleet ships at your comma...
Beetle Run
Beetle Run (Plays: 7320)
Direct the dung beetle around the maze to his hole in the ground!
Bench Press
Bench Press (Plays: 2761)
Tone up your muscles by hitting the gym and doing some hardcor...
Best Friends Forever 3
Best Friends Forever 3 (Plays: 1240)
In order for all 3 miners to make it safely to the exit, they ...
Big Rig: Driving School
Big Rig: Driving Sch... (Plays: 18078)
Learn to drive a whopping great Big Rig right here. It's got a...
Big Rig: Sky Climber
Big Rig: Sky Climber (Plays: 1480)
This Big Rig is headed up and up! Help the Big Rig climb throu...
Big Rig: Truck Stop Parking
Big Rig: Truck Stop ... (Plays: 15406)
You apparently own the only truck stop with valet parking to e...
Bimmin (Plays: 1203)
Help Bimmin escape from the hungry dinosaur that is currently ...
Bimmin 2
Bimmin 2 (Plays: 1228)
Bimmin and his new friend are in need of help! Can they pass t...
Bimmin: Haunted Night
Bimmin: Haunted Night (Plays: 1316)
Bimmin needs your help escaping from the zombie dinosaur! Jump...
BioGems (Plays: 1115)
Launch deadly attacks and brutally defeat a vast range of oppo...
BioLabs: Outbreak!
BioLabs: Outbreak! (Plays: 4765)
Use your limited amount of antidote to try and trap the outbre...
Blast Billiards Gold
Blast Billiards Gold (Plays: 1396)
Get your billiards cue out once more! Here are twnety fiendish...
Blockarelli (Plays: 6698)
Remove blocks of the same colour in groups of 3 or more!
Bloodshade (Plays: 4729)
Thieves are coming to steal your gold from the temple. You, be...
Bloons (Plays: 190541)
Everyone likes popping bloons! Pop enough to advance to the ne...
Bloons - Even More
Bloons - Even More (Plays: 22266)
Pop the bloons (again)! Simple!
Bloons - Insanity
Bloons - Insanity (Plays: 6271)
If you thought that Bloons could be challenging before, then y...
Bloons - More
Bloons - More (Plays: 14225)
Pop the bloons! You know the score!
Bloons - PP.1
Bloons - PP.1 (Plays: 14738)
More bloons to pop! This time with levels created by players!
Bloons - PP.2
Bloons - PP.2 (Plays: 13026)
More bloons to pop! This time with levels created by players!
Bloons - PP.3
Bloons - PP.3 (Plays: 14530)
More bloons to pop! This time with levels created by players!
Bloons - PP.4
Bloons - PP.4 (Plays: 63628)
More bloons to pop! This time with levels created by players!
Bloons - PP.5
Bloons - PP.5 (Plays: 7373)
More levels made by fellow players for you to try and pop your...
Bloons - TD.1
Bloons - TD.1 (Plays: 19424)
Stop the bloons from making it all the way around the course!
Bloons - TD.2
Bloons - TD.2 (Plays: 61335)
More bloons, more maps, more towers ... MUCH more difficult!
Bloons - TD.3
Bloons - TD.3 (Plays: 14058)
Variety really is the key word here. Up to 8 different tracks ...
Bloons - TD.4
Bloons - TD.4 (Plays: 67411)
More coures, more towers, more balloons to burst, and even som...
Bloons - TD.4 Expansion
Bloons - TD.4 Expans... (Plays: 1900)
Bloons Tower Defense 4 Expansion brings you four new crazy tra...
Bloons 2
Bloons 2 (Plays: 17514)
The sequel to the original Bloons is finally here! More bloons...
Bloons 2 - Christmas Expansion
Bloons 2 - Christmas... (Plays: 1182)
Bloons is back with a christmas spectacular! Have fun popping ...
Bloons 2 - Spring Fling
Bloons 2 - Spring Fl... (Plays: 1568)
Spring has sprung and Bloons has delivered a basketful of bran...
Bloons Supermonkey
Bloons Supermonkey (Plays: 11150)
Supermonkey is on a mission to pop as many bloons as he can. P...
Blosics (Plays: 7193)
As online physics games go, they don't come much better than t...
Blosics 2
Blosics 2 (Plays: 21116)
Blosics is back, with more blocks and balls than before. Gravi...
Blosics 2: Levels Pack
Blosics 2: Levels Pack (Plays: 1299)
Blosics is back and there are heaps of user-created levels her...
Blosics 3
Blosics 3 (Plays: 1155)
Blosics is back again! Many more types of ball, talking blocks...
Bomb Diver
Bomb Diver (Plays: 46819)
Can you keep your city safe as the bombs fall? Use your jetpac...
Bombardment (Plays: 1209)
Call in the air strikes to eliminate all of the tiny green ali...
Bomber Blastic
Bomber Blastic (Plays: 4041)
Explode as many bombs as you can within the time limit. You wi...
Boom Boom Volleyball
Boom Boom Volleyball (Plays: 10685)
Volleyball with a bomb - Dangerous!
Boombot (Plays: 3206)
Help Boombot get to the exit in each level, by giving him a bl...
Boombot 2
Boombot 2 (Plays: 1163)
Use fuses, boulders and planks to help you blast Boombot throu...
Boomshine (Plays: 2356)
Create chain reactions of exploding dots! Explode the minimum ...
Bounce (Plays: 12223)
Bounce your way around the level making sure you hit everything!
Bouncy Bob
Bouncy Bob (Plays: 2451)
Help Bouncy Bob get to freedom by bouncing him to the portal a...
Bowling (Plays: 6490)
Load up your bowling bag, because you're hitting the lanes! Du...
Box Office
Box Office (Plays: 4009)
You've just become a Box Office Manager! The cinema customers ...
Boxhead (Plays: 10117)
Boxville has been overrun by zombies! It is up to you to lead ...
Boxhead - 2Play Rooms
Boxhead - 2Play Rooms (Plays: 7712)
You can now team up with a friend and halt the murderous zombi...
Boxhead - More Rooms
Boxhead - More Rooms (Plays: 5346)
More zombies to fight, and even more rooms to fight them in!
Boxhead - The Rooms
Boxhead - The Rooms (Plays: 2337)
Zombies are coming at you from all directions! Take down as ma...
Boxhead - Zombie Wars
Boxhead - Zombie Wars (Plays: 8471)
More zombies - and they're everywhere. Ever wondered how much ...
Brain Spa: Visual Memory
Brain Spa: Visual Me... (Plays: 1436)
Help the townsfolk of Brainville with some tricky tasks! Give ...
Brian Damage: Infinite Slaughter
Brian Damage: Infini... (Plays: 3255)
Earth is being swarmed with monsters! It's down to Brian Damag...
Bubble Pop
Bubble Pop (Plays: 8098)
Pop the bubbles as they appear! Don't let them hit the sides!
Bubble Shooter
Bubble Shooter (Plays: 19087)
Eliminate the bubbles by getting them in groups of 3 or more o...
Bubble Sifter
Bubble Sifter (Plays: 3952)
Clear the board of all the bubbles in the least amount of time...
Bubble Spinner
Bubble Spinner (Plays: 3434)
Shooting bubbles isn't so easy when the bubbles are on a rotat...
Bubble Struggle 2
Bubble Struggle 2 (Plays: 455617)
Pop the bubbles as they bounce around the screen, don't let th...
Bubble Struggle 3
Bubble Struggle 3 (Plays: 2102)
Bubble Struggle is back with a bang! More bubbles, more insane...
Bubbles (Plays: 8170)
Grow your bubble as big as possible by consuming others! Mind ...
Bug War 2
Bug War 2 (Plays: 1384)
The survival of your colony is at stake! Ensure that your colo...
Bumper Car Madness
Bumper Car Madness (Plays: 1842)
Buckle up, you could be in for a few smashes! Take control of ...
Burrito Bison
Burrito Bison (Plays: 1045)
A candy land is not a fun place for Burrito Bison to be! Wind ...
Butt Scan
Butt Scan (Plays: 2054)
No Christmas office party would be complete without you photoc...
Button Hunt
Button Hunt (Plays: 77120)
There's a red button hidden in there somewhere!
Button Hunt 2
Button Hunt 2 (Plays: 83120)
Find the red button in each of these scenes!
ButtonHunt 3
ButtonHunt 3 (Plays: 8819)
The red buttons have been hid again! If you can't find them, y...
Cactus McCoy
Cactus McCoy (Plays: 1473)
A gem that you once stole turned you into a cactus! Here is yo...
Cactus McCoy 2
Cactus McCoy 2 (Plays: 1527)
Cactus McCoy is embarking on an ambitious adventure! He is on ...
Captain Skyro
Captain Skyro (Plays: 1071)
Help our daring pirate, Captain Skyro, as he attempts to sling...
Car Parking 2050
Car Parking 2050 (Plays: 1604)
Travel to the future and park your futuristic looking car in a...
Castle Clout
Castle Clout (Plays: 7341)
Bombard these castles with anything and everything you can. Ex...
Castle Clout 3: A New Age
Castle Clout 3: A Ne... (Plays: 33057)
Use your catapult to usher in a new age. Bring order to these ...
Castle Run
Castle Run (Plays: 2253)
Escape from the castle! It would obviously be rude not to coll...
Cat a Pult
Cat a Pult (Plays: 10596)
Launch rocks at cats! What could be more fun?!
Caveman Olympics
Caveman Olympics (Plays: 1501)
Compete in the Caveman Olympics! Take part in the most excitin...
Choose Your Weapon
Choose Your Weapon (Plays: 1338)
A virus is wreaking havoc across the internet! Choose your wea...
Choose Your Weapon 2
Choose Your Weapon 2 (Plays: 1377)
The virus that is running loose in your computer has mutated! ...
Choose Your Weapon 3
Choose Your Weapon 3 (Plays: 1316)
You are going to need to act smartly to defeat the virus as it...
Choose Your Weapon 4
Choose Your Weapon 4 (Plays: 9666)
Get rid of the virus from your computer, using just about any ...
Choose Your Weapon 5
Choose Your Weapon 5 (Plays: 1393)
This virus will just not die! It even has its own servers this...
Choose Your Weapon Tower Defense
Choose Your Weapon T... (Plays: 1375)
The nagging virus is back, and this time it is after your very...
Christmas - Coal Mine Escape
Christmas - Coal Min... (Plays: 1102)
Save the coal gatherers before they are destroyed by the falli...
Christmas Cannon Blast
Christmas Cannon Blast (Plays: 1526)
Help Santa test out his new experimental Christmas Cannon!
Christmas Crush
Christmas Crush (Plays: 1405)
Get yourself in the festive spirit by clearing the board of th...
Chronotron (Plays: 7921)
Use past versions of yourself to complete the levels!
Civilizations Wars
Civilizations Wars (Plays: 4373)
Lead your nation to a great victory in this challenging strate...
Clockwords: Prelude
Clockwords: Prelude (Plays: 3341)
A rival inventor has sent mechanical bugs to steal secrets fro...
Cog Factory
Cog Factory (Plays: 7536)
Group the cogs into sets of 3 to remove them!
Cold Crime
Cold Crime (Plays: 6846)
Can you shoot your way through tens of enemies, in an effort t...
Coma (Plays: 3009)
Pete is trapped in a mysterious subconscious world. Take all t...
Command & Defend
Command & Defend (Plays: 1440)
The general needs your help defending his base! You have sever...
Compulse (Plays: 3803)
Use special blocks to influence the direction of the ball. You...
Continuity (Plays: 3222)
Grab hold of the red key and head for the red door! However, y...
Control (Plays: 1423)
A deceptively difficult game of control. All you have to do is...
Cosmic Crush
Cosmic Crush (Plays: 16455)
Eat planets and rocks smaller than you, watch out for the grav...
Cosmic Crush 2
Cosmic Crush 2 (Plays: 6004)
This is your chance to finally become Master of the Universe! ...
Cover Orange
Cover Orange (Plays: 4152)
Make sure all the oranges are protected from the lethal rain! ...
Cover Orange 2
Cover Orange 2 (Plays: 1262)
Keep Orange safe from the rain once again! Remember, rain is c...
Cover Orange Players Pack
Cover Orange Players... (Plays: 1111)
Orange and his fruity friends are absolutely petrified of the ...
Cover Orange Players Pack 2
Cover Orange Players... (Plays: 1009)
Orange really needs your help sheltering from the deadly rain ...
Crazy Flasher 2
Crazy Flasher 2 (Plays: 5207)
An awesome side scrolling action game. Can you kick, punch and...
Crazy Flasher 3
Crazy Flasher 3 (Plays: 6242)
It's back! More kicking, more punching and even more shooting!...
Crazy Flasher 4
Crazy Flasher 4 (Plays: 9848)
Many more game modes, many more things to kill! Plus you can d...
Crazy Mammoths
Crazy Mammoths (Plays: 1155)
Back in the ice age, frozen mammoth racing was what it was all...
Crazy Orcs Racing
Crazy Orcs Racing (Plays: 6064)
Crazy Orcs have managed to build their own vehicles and they'r...
Crazy Taxi
Crazy Taxi (Plays: 100268)
Drive as fast as you possibly can, but be warned that hitting ...
Creature Keepers
Creature Keepers (Plays: 38168)
Make rows of three or more matching animals to get points and ...
Crossbar Challenge
Crossbar Challenge (Plays: 19447)
Hit the crossbar as many times as you can in 10 balls!
Crowd Surfer
Crowd Surfer (Plays: 1750)
The crowd absolutely love you, they're going bonkers! Being th...
Crush The Castle
Crush The Castle (Plays: 19634)
Are you a Royal Success or a Royal Failure? Launch projectiles...
Crush The Castle - Players Pack
Crush The Castle - P... (Plays: 13627)
Castles are often incredibly boring places, but not these ones...
Crush The Castle 2
Crush The Castle 2 (Plays: 5813)
The King has ordered you to crush all the castles in Crushtani...
Cube Crash
Cube Crash (Plays: 16763)
There's more to succeeding at this game than sheer luck - thin...
Cubed (Plays: 3803)
One way or another, you've got to get to touch the round targe...
CubiKill (Plays: 7357)
It's Friday, and your boss has had the nerve to ask you to sta...
CubiKill 2
CubiKill 2 (Plays: 13415)
You've just heard the news that you're going to lose your job....
CubiKill 3
CubiKill 3 (Plays: 1343)
Your favourite psychopath has been released from the asylum an...
Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems!
Cursed Treasure: Don... (Plays: 2738)
Build towers in the correct places across the map to ensure th...
Cursor Run
Cursor Run (Plays: 9553)
Beat the other cursor to the target area! Simple!
Cyclo Maniacs
Cyclo Maniacs (Plays: 10156)
Ever ridden a bike whilst dressed as Elvis? This game comprise...
Cyclo Maniacs 2
Cyclo Maniacs 2 (Plays: 2777)
The Cycle King needs your help as he seeks to rescue Princess ...
Cyclop Physics
Cyclop Physics (Plays: 51553)
Help the green and red cyclops get to their respective platfor...
Dangerous Dungeons
Dangerous Dungeons (Plays: 1719)
Help Timmy, our tiny adventurer, as he explores this set of cr...
Days2Die (Plays: 3816)
Zombies are coming at you from all directions! Withstand the z...
Days2Die - The Other Side
Days2Die - The Other... (Plays: 3327)
The zombie invasion is still not under control! Help Captain M...
Deadtree Defender
Deadtree Defender (Plays: 12390)
Defend your dead tree using mad archery skills. How long can y...
Death Penalty: Zombie Football
Death Penalty: Zombi... (Plays: 6401)
Zombies are flooding onto the pitch, they think it's all over!...
Deep (Plays: 2667)
Conquer your way from top to bottom of the ocean in 15 challen...
Defender (Plays: 7799)
Stop the attacking hoardes of monsters with mages of different...
Desktop Tower Defence
Desktop Tower Defence (Plays: 10554)
Stio the oncoming blobs from destroying your desk!
Destructotruck (Plays: 13522)
You have a big truck, an even bigger ramp and a lot of jet roc...
Dirt Bike 2
Dirt Bike 2 (Plays: 18599)
Skilfully steer you and your bike through the course, collecti...
Docking Perfection
Docking Perfection (Plays: 18051)
Park your boat in allocated spot! Watch out for hazards!
Docking Perfection 2 - Ferryman
Docking Perfection 2... (Plays: 16310)
Transport passengers from one dock to another!
Dog Hotel
Dog Hotel (Plays: 1075)
Welcome to Dog Hotel - a place where you get to look after som...
Donut Empire
Donut Empire (Plays: 1055)
Can you make a killing in the world of donuts? Create your ver...
Doodle Devil
Doodle Devil (Plays: 1193)
Doodle Devil needs your help to destroy the universe as we kno...
Doodle God
Doodle God (Plays: 1287)
Combine elements and create your very own world!
Doodle God 2
Doodle God 2 (Plays: 1314)
The sequel to Doodle God is here! Inventing your own world is ...
Dots (Plays: 8238)
Move your character around the screen using the arrow keys. Co...
Downhill Snowboard
Downhill Snowboard (Plays: 1306)
Grab your snowboard and head for the mountains! Control the ra...
Downhill Snowboard 2
Downhill Snowboard 2 (Plays: 1470)
Downhill Snowboard returns! There are unlockable players, unlo...
Drag Race Demon
Drag Race Demon (Plays: 7113)
Getting a good start is crucial, but so is making sure that th...
Drag Race Demon 2
Drag Race Demon 2 (Plays: 7619)
12 races to prove that you're the King of Drag Racing. You'll ...
Drag Race Demon Deluxe
Drag Race Demon Deluxe (Plays: 4104)
It's pedal to the metal as you attempt to beat your drag racin...
Drift Rally Racing
Drift Rally Racing (Plays: 5421)
Drift your way through a series of troublesome challenges. Kee...
Dual (Plays: 5744)
Control two different balls, in two different screens, each wi...
Duck: Think Outside the Flock
Duck: Think Outside ... (Plays: 13236)
Think outside the box, I mean flock, in order to pass each of ...
Duplicator (Plays: 1284)
Your pet is missing! Come through a series of traps and riddle...
Dynamite Blast
Dynamite Blast (Plays: 8863)
Use your limited amount of TNT packages effectively, which usu...
Dynamite Blast 2
Dynamite Blast 2 (Plays: 1304)
Blow barges, towers and vehicles to bits with sticks of dynami...
Easter Island TD
Easter Island TD (Plays: 4522)
It's your job to defend the famous Easter Island! Creatures fr...
EcoSaviors (Plays: 1032)
Do your bit to save the planet! America and Europe have teamed...
Electric Box
Electric Box (Plays: 1076)
Electricity is a wonderful thing, but it's useless if you cann...
Electric Box 2
Electric Box 2 (Plays: 1060)
Electric Box 2 is even more electrifyingly brilliant than the ...
Elite Base Jump
Elite Base Jump (Plays: 7610)
Show your opponents what a good base jumper looks like! The la...
Enough Plumbers
Enough Plumbers (Plays: 3189)
Create clones on yourself in order to reach the flag at the en...
Escape 3 - The Phone Booth
Escape 3 - The Phone... (Plays: 16371)
Your trapped inside a phone booth .... ESCAPE!
Escape Master
Escape Master (Plays: 1517)
Have you got what it takes to survive over 40 levels of this t...
Escape The Bay
Escape The Bay (Plays: 1280)
This daring prisoner is attempting to escape from the bay usin...
Everest Quest
Everest Quest (Plays: 2189)
Want to scale new heights? There's no need to go out and climb...
Evil Office Fish Man
Evil Office Fish Man (Plays: 1202)
You have suddenly been transformed into a fish man! Being out ...
Evito Ball
Evito Ball (Plays: 1259)
Look after your ball at all costs! Dodge attacks from guns, fl...
Extreme Heli Boarding
Extreme Heli Boarding (Plays: 4754)
Grab your snowboard and head for the slopes! The only way to g...
Fancy Pants Adventure: World 2
Fancy Pants Adventur... (Plays: 58568)
(A.K.A. FPA 2) Find the exit in all 6 levels and get the ball ...
Farm Frenzy - Pizza Party
Farm Frenzy - Pizza ... (Plays: 8743)
Run a farm successfully. Feed and grow your animals and produc...
Farm Frenzy 2
Farm Frenzy 2 (Plays: 4269)
Believe it or not, running a farm involves a lot more than fee...
Farm Frenzy 3 - Ice Age
Farm Frenzy 3 - Ice ... (Plays: 4922)
This is no ordinary farm - mainly because it seems to be situa...
Fat Santa
Fat Santa (Plays: 1502)
Fat Santa is very, very hungry! It is your task to make sure t...
Feed Mee!
Feed Mee! (Plays: 2625)
You're the manager of the only restaurant for zombies in town!...
Feed The King
Feed The King (Plays: 1089)
Make sure that the King does not go hungry! Stack cakes on top...
Fidi (Plays: 5621)
Move the arrows keys to rotate Fidi. Collect the purple square...
Fight Terror Online
Fight Terror Online (Plays: 15364)
Save the world from the threat of terrorists! Destroy all that...
Final Ninja
Final Ninja (Plays: 1559)
Takeshi, the Final Ninja, needs your help as he seeks to defea...
Finding Santa
Finding Santa (Plays: 1362)
Can you pick out the odd Santa? You'll need good observational...
Fire In The Hole
Fire In The Hole (Plays: 9699)
(a.k.a. FITH) You are a soldier and your objective is to find ...
Firebug (Plays: 1522)
Help Firebug reach the end of each level whilst collecting up ...
Fishing Frenzy
Fishing Frenzy (Plays: 55512)
Cast your line and see what you can catch! Bigger means better!
Five Minutes To Kill (Yourself)
Five Minutes To Kill... (Plays: 10974)
Don't worry, you don't actually have to kill yourself - only v...
Flash Cricket 2
Flash Cricket 2 (Plays: 9612)
Take to the field as you bat your way to victory!
Flash Element TD
Flash Element TD (Plays: 11500)
The tower defence game that kick started the genre! Stop the a...
FMX Team
FMX Team (Plays: 244262)
Perform stunts and tricks to score enough points to advance to...
FMX Team 2
FMX Team 2 (Plays: 1794)
The sequel to FMX Team is here! Race downhill and perform some...
Fortress Guardian
Fortress Guardian (Plays: 4195)
You have a bow and arrow and a sword to defend your castle wit...
Fragger (Plays: 6201)
You have a limited number of grenades to throw at your enemies...
Freeze Lifter
Freeze Lifter (Plays: 1521)
There are many people stranded in a frozen city. If you don't ...
Galaxy Jumper
Galaxy Jumper (Plays: 2855)
Your mission is to collect the coins and find the key to the e...
Gateway (Plays: 1092)
Guide the robot through a series of rooms. Each room contains ...
Gateway 2
Gateway 2 (Plays: 1157)
Put your logical thinking to the test! Solve a challenge in ev...
Gem Tower Defence
Gem Tower Defence (Plays: 12234)
Combine gems together to stop the on-coming waves of monsters!
Ghost Flight
Ghost Flight (Plays: 1395)
Keep your ghost flying and floating between the spirit lines, ...
Gibbets (Plays: 9725)
Save the people from hanging to their deaths! Use your bow and...
Gibbets 2
Gibbets 2 (Plays: 5057)
Rescue the innocent civilians before they are strangled to dea...
Gibbets 2: Level Pack
Gibbets 2: Level Pack (Plays: 1425)
Even more innocent people are about to be strangled by the rop...
Gibbets 3
Gibbets 3 (Plays: 1301)
It is time to get your bow and arrow out once more! Take aim a...
Gingerbread Circus
Gingerbread Circus (Plays: 1262)
The circus is in town and you're going to be putting on the kn...
Gingerbread Circus 2
Gingerbread Circus 2 (Plays: 1019)
The circus is back in town, and you're continuing with your kn...
Gingerbread Circus 3
Gingerbread Circus 3 (Plays: 1334)
The circus is here again and you return to the stage with your...
Globulos Challenge
Globulos Challenge (Plays: 3812)
Take control of your Globulos' and try to complete all of the ...
Goalkeeper Challenge
Goalkeeper Challenge (Plays: 4275)
20 shots are going to come your way - how many can you save?! ...
Gods Playing Field
Gods Playing Field (Plays: 51521)
You decide who lives and who dies. If you've ever wanted a cha...
Gods Playing Field 2
Gods Playing Field 2 (Plays: 64599)
Use the power wisely ... kill everything in an imaginative way!
Going the Distance 2: OMGITSTOOLATE
Going the Distance 2... (Plays: 6379)
The space station you are on is about to explode. You have 60 ...
Going the Distance 5
Going the Distance 5 (Plays: 2895)
Asteroids are headed for the earth and only you and your space...
Golf Jam
Golf Jam (Plays: 9968)
Hit the green, hit the target, complete all the missions!
Gone To The Dogs
Gone To The Dogs (Plays: 11673)
Get your bets on now because it's dog racing time! Race your d...
Good Ol' Poker
Good Ol' Poker (Plays: 1925)
Welcome to Good Ol' Poker - the classic game of poker, but wit...
Governor Of Poker
Governor Of Poker (Plays: 18252)
Can you become the best poker player in all of Texas? Start by...
Governor Of Poker 2
Governor Of Poker 2 (Plays: 4722)
The Governor of El Paso has banned poker! It's your mission to...
Grand Prix Tycoon
Grand Prix Tycoon (Plays: 3275)
Take control of your own Formula 1 motorracing team! Hire a dr...
Gravitee (Plays: 4449)
Golf on an inter-galactic scale! Get the ball from one planet,...
Gravitee 2
Gravitee 2 (Plays: 4151)
There are many challenges and holes of space-golf to be comple...
Gravity Football Champions 2012
Gravity Football Cha... (Plays: 40916)
Physics and football combine! Use the force of gravity to stee...
Gravity Off
Gravity Off (Plays: 2332)
Make it to the end of every level by turning gravity on and of...
Guardian Rock
Guardian Rock (Plays: 3028)
After years of inactivity, archaeologists have decided to intr...
Guesstimation (Plays: 960)
Guesstimation will send 15 quickfire estimation puzzles your w...
Guitar Geek
Guitar Geek (Plays: 1490)
Rock your way from your garage all the way to the arena, in an...
Gunbot (Plays: 1345)
Gunbot is an ass-kicking shooting game with plenty of upgrades...
H.E.L.I.C (Plays: 4527)
The enemy are approaching. Use your helicopter and towers to d...
Hanger (Plays: 3307)
Swing through each and every obstacle filled level by moving a...
Hanger 2
Hanger 2 (Plays: 1456)
Swing through each and every obstacle packed level! Try to kee...
Head Defence
Head Defence (Plays: 6697)
Use your head to deflect bombs towards your opponents castle!
Helicops! (Plays: 4168)
Helicopter fighting doesn't come much better than this. Take t...
Hetherdale (Plays: 1261)
Dr. Heather Montrose is on an expedition in the heart of Afric...
Hit Bush With Shoe
Hit Bush With Shoe (Plays: 10993)
A game inspired by the Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at...
Hive Hero
Hive Hero (Plays: 1306)
An army of wasps have come to your hive with the intent of cap...
Hot Air Bloon
Hot Air Bloon (Plays: 13492)
Click to go up, release to go down. Use these simple controls ...
Hot Tub
Hot Tub (Plays: 1330)
Get yourself to the safety of the subway!
Hotspots (Plays: 2599)
Find the hotspots within the group of circles. There may be mo...
Hurdles: Road To Olympic Games
Hurdles: Road To Oly... (Plays: 27213)
Compete in hurdles races on athletics tracks all across the gl...
Hyper Vault
Hyper Vault (Plays: 1410)
It's pole vault time! Get a firm grip on your pole, plant it w...
Ice Breaker
Ice Breaker (Plays: 3796)
Vikings have been frozen in ice! Help them get back to their l...
Ice Cube Bear
Ice Cube Bear (Plays: 1618)
Polar bears though that they were prepared for global warming,...
Icycle (Plays: 2326)
The next ice age is here, but to the lonely survivor, it's as ...
Idiot Test
Idiot Test (Plays: 19759)
How much of an idiot are you? Play the game and find out!
Indestruc2 Tank
Indestruc2 Tank (Plays: 3469)
Choose your game mode, then get ready to cause some more chaos...
Indestructo Tank
Indestructo Tank (Plays: 8805)
Your only weapon here - is yourself! Luckily enough, you are i...
Island (Plays: 7575)
Protect your little piece of paradise from rapid development a...
Jailbreak (Plays: 1223)
You are desperate to escape from the jail! Sadly, there are pl...
Jailbreak 2
Jailbreak 2 (Plays: 1268)
You are back in the jail house once more! Evade the extremely ...
Javelin Champion
Javelin Champion (Plays: 3017)
Launch the javelin as far as possible. Lace up your spikes and...
Jeeves Volleyball
Jeeves Volleyball (Plays: 7498)
LIke normal volleyball but with a teapot?! Hit the teapot over...
Jolly Jong Journey
Jolly Jong Journey (Plays: 35661)
A mahjong game with a twist! Match up the pairs in a given seq...
Jumper (Plays: 20207)
Jump from balloon to balloon to get as high as possible - land...
Kahoots (Plays: 1166)
Rearrange the floor tiles and get the Kahoot safely to the exi...
Kart On
Kart On (Plays: 3608)
Do battle in some crazy karting! Race against opponents or the...
Kayak King
Kayak King (Plays: 1047)
Kayak your way through ten tough rapids! Avoid the deadly rock...
Kebab Krazy
Kebab Krazy (Plays: 4544)
Get your kebab skewer at the ready, because you're about to ta...
Kebab Van
Kebab Van (Plays: 10334)
How much money can you make in one night, just by selling kebabs?
Kid Launcher
Kid Launcher (Plays: 13570)
Assist the chubby kid in his efforts to get as far away from t...
King Pong
King Pong (Plays: 1124)
Two Kongs have kidnapped a girl and are determined to play a d...
Kitten Cannon
Kitten Cannon (Plays: 80450)
Send that kitten flying! Watch out for spikes though.
Kitty Throw
Kitty Throw (Plays: 17057)
Try to find the optimum angle and power to launch the kitty as...
Kokimi (Plays: 2378)
Swap your Kokimis around so they match the colour of the incom...
Kullors (Plays: 2111)
The Kullors are cute little guys, but they're really bad at fi...
Kullors 2
Kullors 2 (Plays: 1517)
Pair up the compatible Kullors to complete each level. Mix tw...
Kullors Unlimited
Kullors Unlimited (Plays: 1270)
It would be an absolute tragedy if any of these cute little Ku...
LaserBox (Plays: 5582)
Detect (and avoid crushing!) hidden mirrors within the grid of...
Law Of Gravity
Law Of Gravity (Plays: 6554)
Isaac Newton is just about to write up his Theory of Gravity. ...
Lemonade World
Lemonade World (Plays: 2143)
Make a fortune by running your very own lemonade stand! Draw u...
Linyca (Plays: 2810)
This is no ordinary block breaking game - this is a musical bl...
Little Farm
Little Farm (Plays: 5028)
If you think you would suit farm life then test out that theor...
London Cabbie
London Cabbie (Plays: 57468)
Think driving a cab is easy? Then try this!
Long Jump
Long Jump (Plays: 1244)
The classic Olympic event finally hits the internet and in som...
Lust For Bust
Lust For Bust (Plays: 1778)
Your buddy has an incredibly hot sister and he has left you tw...
Mad Monday
Mad Monday (Plays: 6356)
Bully other vehicles off the road, or just get behind them and...
Mad Tanks
Mad Tanks (Plays: 3338)
Entertain both your destructive and thinking parts of your bra...
Madness Combat Defense
Madness Combat Defense (Plays: 5745)
Slaughter the madness men before they cross from one side of y...
Magic Towers Solitaire
Magic Towers Solitaire (Plays: 4731)
Clear the three towers of cards to pass each level. Cards can ...
Mario Ghosthouse
Mario Ghosthouse (Plays: 5998)
Mario's got himself lost in a haunted house. Help him to find ...
Mass Attack
Mass Attack (Plays: 10786)
Match the weights and balance the scales. You need a good eye ...
Massive Space Tower Defence
Massive Space Tower ... (Plays: 6715)
Protect your planet from the attacking space ships!
Match Day Of The Dead
Match Day Of The Dead (Plays: 1478)
Zombie footballers are on the rampage! Steady yourself, take a...
Maus Trap
Maus Trap (Plays: 4516)
Click and drag the cheese, Peanut the Mouse will follow it, an...
Max Damage
Max Damage (Plays: 50456)
Create as much damage with your cannon as you can. There's ple...
Max Damage 2
Max Damage 2 (Plays: 1140)
Max is back with even more weaponry, including a machine gun a...
Merchant Banker
Merchant Banker (Plays: 6509)
Buy and sell at just the right time to maximise your profit. C...
Mighty Red Orb of Eternal Power
Mighty Red Orb of Et... (Plays: 1287)
Shoot through walls, avoid obstacles and collect power-ups to ...
Mind Training
Mind Training (Plays: 4687)
Complete this tricky memory puzzle in the least amount of move...
Mindfields 2204
Mindfields 2204 (Plays: 4634)
Navigate your way through enemy lines using only what you have...
Missile Game 3D
Missile Game 3D (Plays: 6879)
Avoid the obstacles as you hurtle down the narrow passage.
MoBike (Plays: 5989)
Your task is to jump the obstacles and then stop dead between ...
MoBike 2
MoBike 2 (Plays: 7797)
Build up enough speed to clear the obstacles, making sure you ...
Monkey Curling
Monkey Curling (Plays: 8284)
Send the monkeys sliding down the ice to the scoring zone at t...
Monkey Poo Fight
Monkey Poo Fight (Plays: 2240)
Hit your rival monkey in the face with a batch of your very ow...
Monkey Stack
Monkey Stack (Plays: 4929)
How high can you build your stack of monkies? Battle against t...
Monster Truck Maniac
Monster Truck Maniac (Plays: 1316)
Get behind the wheel of this massive monster truck and drive l...
Monster Truck Maniac 2
Monster Truck Maniac 2 (Plays: 1397)
Can you motor your way through all 12 missions in your whoppin...
Monster's Den - Book of Dread
Monster's Den - Book... (Plays: 13967)
Explore the dungeons, find treasure and defeat the monsters!
Mumphy (Quest for Banana)
Mumphy (Quest for Ba... (Plays: 3654)
A thief has stolen all of the fruit from the jungle, and has e...
Music Festival Bottler
Music Festival Bottler (Plays: 4256)
Show how unhappy you are with the line-up at this years Big Mu...
Neon Maze
Neon Maze (Plays: 6112)
There are a lot of walls here. Unfortunately, you can only pas...
Ninja +2
Ninja +2 (Plays: 4271)
Time to enter ninja mode. Collect coins, swing from ropes, run...
Ninja Gardener
Ninja Gardener (Plays: 5493)
As a Ninja you must defend your newly seeded garden from hungr...
Ninja Mouse
Ninja Mouse (Plays: 4721)
Ninja Mouse is learning to evade capture. Guide him from stump...
Ninja Mushroom
Ninja Mushroom (Plays: 40313)
Guide your amazing ninja mushroom all the way through the myst...
Ninja Painter
Ninja Painter (Plays: 1067)
Help the Ninja become a perfect painter! Slap a lick of paint ...
Ninjas Vs Pirates - TD
Ninjas Vs Pirates - TD (Plays: 7299)
Defend the Ninjas home from the incoming Pirates as the age ol...
Ninjas Vs Pirates - TD 2
Ninjas Vs Pirates - ... (Plays: 7277)
The battle continues - will those Pirates ever reach the Ninja...
Ninjas! (Plays: 1163)
Change your elemental form to gain an advantage over your enem...
Nuke It
Nuke It (Plays: 1410)
Collide electrons with plasma sparks and turn your microwave i...
Nyan Bin Laden
Nyan Bin Laden (Plays: 63586)
Steer Nyan Bin Laden through space. Make sure you avoid the mi...
Obechi (Plays: 3640)
Hand-eye co-ordination and quick reactions hold the key to suc...
Olympic Challenge
Olympic Challenge (Plays: 1048)
Take part in three Olympic disciplines - the hurdles, match sa...
On Your Marks!
On Your Marks! (Plays: 1153)
A test of your reaction times. Get yourself up and out of the ...
Onslaught 2
Onslaught 2 (Plays: 12422)
Combine towers together to create the ultimate defence!
Original Blast Billiards 2008
Original Blast Billi... (Plays: 15520)
Pot all the balls before the time runs out ... too simple! Let...
Overkill Apache
Overkill Apache (Plays: 4274)
Navigate your helicopter through the skies, and shoot anything...
Paddle Ball
Paddle Ball (Plays: 9483)
Grab hold of your ping-pong bat and keep the ball in the air f...
Panda Tactical Sniper
Panda Tactical Sniper (Plays: 6479)
Panda just can't stop himself getting in spots of bother, and ...
Panda Tactical Sniper 2
Panda Tactical Snipe... (Plays: 6332)
Panda is once again up to no good and this time he's got some ...
Panda's Big Adventure
Panda's Big Adventure (Plays: 4560)
Panda has been instruced to acquire alien technology from a to...
Panda's Bigger Adventure
Panda's Bigger Adven... (Plays: 4327)
Pirates have been playing around with Panda's time machine and...
Pandemic (Plays: 9888)
Your mission is simple, wipe out all traces of humanity. You h...
Pandemic 2
Pandemic 2 (Plays: 10391)
Once again, it is your task to rid earth of all human existenc...
Pandemic Boy
Pandemic Boy (Plays: 4129)
In real life circumstances, you'd probably do everything you c...
Park It Fast
Park It Fast (Plays: 8286)
Put on your driving gloves, as there is an awful lot of car pa...
Parking Perfection
Parking Perfection (Plays: 12898)
Avoid contact with all other cars and park your car squarely b...
Parking Perfection 2
Parking Perfection 2 (Plays: 5265)
Parking your car in the highlighted space without hitting anyt...
Parking Perfection 3 - The Exam
Parking Perfection 3... (Plays: 6349)
Not only have you got to not hit anything, you've also got to ...
Parking Perfection 4
Parking Perfection 4 (Plays: 6511)
Complete the tasks given to you in this rather spacious car pa...
Pass and Move Football Training
Pass and Move Footba... (Plays: 2729)
How far can your squad keep hold of the ball in this pass and ...
Penalty Fever
Penalty Fever (Plays: 4914)
Pick your favourite major European team, then try and shoot th...
Penalty Fever Plus
Penalty Fever Plus (Plays: 15099)
You will take the role of both the penalty taker and the goalk...
Penguinz (Plays: 11872)
Shoot the living daylights out of the other penguins and the e...
Pepe Pillz
Pepe Pillz (Plays: 3842)
Mr Hebert will do anything he can to get the nurse off his tai...
Pepe Pillz 2
Pepe Pillz 2 (Plays: 9529)
Mr Hebert's tried to make a quick getaway from the hospital, b...
Perfect Pitch
Perfect Pitch (Plays: 1007)
The big football match is fast approaching on Saturday! Make s...
Pinball (Plays: 6347)
Pinball - probably the most addictive game that you've never p...
Pinch Hitter
Pinch Hitter (Plays: 1412)
Grab your baseball bat! Face 10 tricky pitches and score as ma...
Pinch Hitter - Home Run Hero
Pinch Hitter - Home ... (Plays: 2053)
You have five balls to hit as many points with as you can! For...
Pinch Hitter 2
Pinch Hitter 2 (Plays: 21119)
Take to the field as you work your way up from playing in the ...
Pipol Smasher
Pipol Smasher (Plays: 2094)
Take control of the motor vehicles in each scenario, and make ...
Pirate Golf Adventure
Pirate Golf Adventure (Plays: 3205)
Help Caribo the Pirate on his adventures by completing these h...
Pirate Race
Pirate Race (Plays: 11459)
Race your pirate ship to gold! Watch out for cannon balls!
Pistol Training
Pistol Training (Plays: 2430)
How steady is your hand? How calm is your nerve? Put your skil...
Pixel Quest
Pixel Quest (Plays: 1084)
Rex the adventurer is off an a daring mission! He is trying to...
Pixel Quest: The Lost Gifts
Pixel Quest: The Los... (Plays: 1196)
Santa has lost some gifts and Christmas is approaching fast! C...
PixelShocks Tower Defence
PixelShocks Tower De... (Plays: 21798)
Defend against 50 waves of creeps by building towers to preven...
Play For Your Club 09/10
Play For Your Club 0... (Plays: 5225)
Use your keyboard or your mouse (whichever suits you best!) to...
Plumber (Plays: 14955)
Connect the tap to overflow pipe ... simple! Yeah right! All y...
Polygonal Fury
Polygonal Fury (Plays: 2135)
Set off chain reactions and destroy the required amount of pol...
Pop Pirates
Pop Pirates (Plays: 3917)
All of the music on your computer has been stolen by the 'Pop ...
Power Pinball
Power Pinball (Plays: 1112)
This is no ordinary game of pinball - this is pinball with a h...
Powergolf (Plays: 6843)
Take advantage of upgrades such as a giant hole to keep your s...
Powerpool (Plays: 1057)
This is no ordinary pool - this is pool with power-ups! Shoot,...
Powerpool 2
Powerpool 2 (Plays: 1055)
Pick out your pool cue! Powerpool is back with more tables and...
Powerpool Frenzy
Powerpool Frenzy (Plays: 994)
Powerpool is back again! It returns with even more power-up fu...
Pub Racer
Pub Racer (Plays: 3000)
In your drunken haze you've decided to enter the world of unde...
Pub Snooker
Pub Snooker (Plays: 2228)
Nothing beats a classic game of snooker at your local pub! Gra...
Public Viewing
Public Viewing (Plays: 5212)
It's your aim to make as many people stay and watch you parade...
Race Horse Tycoon
Race Horse Tycoon (Plays: 13749)
Buy a race horse and compete in local and national events. Hir...
Raft Wars
Raft Wars (Plays: 8399)
From your tiny raft you must sink the pirates and anything els...
Ragdoll Cannon 2
Ragdoll Cannon 2 (Plays: 20110)
Physics and destruction come together in this addictive and co...
Ragdoll Cannon 3
Ragdoll Cannon 3 (Plays: 3067)
More ragdoll madness. Hit the target with a ragdoll in each of...
Ragdoll Cannon 4
Ragdoll Cannon 4 (Plays: 1049)
Take aim and fire! Launch ragdolls from your cannon and do you...
Ragdoll Goalkeeper
Ragdoll Goalkeeper (Plays: 74670)
Pull the keeper in the right direction to keep out the shots!
Ragdoll Laser Dodge
Ragdoll Laser Dodge (Plays: 4603)
Dodge the downpour of lasers for as long as you can! You may b...
Ragdoll Laser Dodge 2
Ragdoll Laser Dodge 2 (Plays: 1272)
The object of the game is simple! Dodge the lasers and collect...
Ragdoll Volleyball
Ragdoll Volleyball (Plays: 1697)
Five other ragdolls stand between you and Ragdoll Volleyball g...
Random Defence
Random Defence (Plays: 16599)
Research, build, destroy! Simple!
Red Team
Red Team (Plays: 1463)
You are in sole control of the movement and actions of your tw...
RedCap (Plays: 3690)
Assist Redcap in getting through the levels. Look for switches...
Revenge of the Stick
Revenge of the Stick (Plays: 9439)
Stickmen are on the loose! Use desktop stationary to stop them!
RIFT (Plays: 2139)
Your master is absolutely starving! Make sure he doesn't go hu...
Ringmania (Plays: 2034)
Collect the rings in groups of three to make them disappear. C...
Ringmania 2
Ringmania 2 (Plays: 1875)
Steer the cross and collect the rings in groups of 3 of the sa...
Rod Hot's Hot Rod Racing
Rod Hot's Hot Rod Ra... (Plays: 47661)
You are Rod Hot, and with a name like that, the only sensible ...
Rodent Tree Jump
Rodent Tree Jump (Plays: 3190)
Prove your tree jumping skills here, and become a legend for a...
Roll Roll Pirate!
Roll Roll Pirate! (Plays: 4229)
All of Roll Pirate's treasures have been blown away to surroun...
Roly-Poly Eliminator
Roly-Poly Eliminator (Plays: 1327)
Eliminate all of the evil Roly-Polys, without laying a finger ...
Roly-Poly Monsters
Roly-Poly Monsters (Plays: 2304)
Kill all of the Roly-Poly Monsters, but use your bombs efficie...
Ronaldo 2 Real
Ronaldo 2 Real (Plays: 7272)
Ronaldo's desperate to get all the way to Madrid. Unfortunatel...
Rotate & Roll
Rotate & Roll (Plays: 4269)
To complete each level, rotate the screen to get all of the ba...
Rugby Ruckus: Six Nations Confrontation
Rugby Ruckus: Six Na... (Plays: 4122)
Tackle, dodge and swerve your way through sixteen tough rugby ...
Running Man
Running Man (Plays: 7498)
This is a game of skill and a test of your reaction time. As t...
Samurai Fruits
Samurai Fruits (Plays: 29063)
Welcome to the world of Samurai Fruit chopping! Use your katan...
Sandcastle (Plays: 10257)
This is not your regular sandcastle - it has a cannon in it. B...
Santa's Gift Jump
Santa's Gift Jump (Plays: 1548)
It's the day before Christmas, and Santa has decided to put on...
Save Me
Save Me (Plays: 18602)
Save the people as they jump from the burning building!
Save Me 2
Save Me 2 (Plays: 5739)
Animals, humans and furniture are jumping from the building! C...
Save Me 3
Save Me 3 (Plays: 8343)
Catch everything that jumps from the window in the safety net!
Screw The Nut
Screw The Nut (Plays: 2954)
Take advantage of gravity and slopes, and guide the nut safely...
Screw The Nut 2
Screw The Nut 2 (Plays: 1049)
It is your mission to reunite the nut with the screw!
Semantic Wars
Semantic Wars (Plays: 3692)
Use the clue to guess the word at the bottom of the screen - t...
Sepp Splatter
Sepp Splatter (Plays: 4050)
Sepp's taken up residence at the arrivals lounge in order to s...
Shadez (Plays: 5568)
Produce and upgrade your own army, and defeat whatever lies in...
Shadez 2
Shadez 2 (Plays: 7910)
You have helicopters, troops, tanks and airstrikes at your dis...
Shadow Factory
Shadow Factory (Plays: 21638)
Make it to the blown reactor without destroying your car!
Shinju (Plays: 4139)
Can you find the shell containing the pearl? Based on similar ...
Shopping Cart Hero
Shopping Cart Hero (Plays: 10806)
One big ramp, some rocket boosters and a shopping cart are all...
Shopping Cart Hero 2
Shopping Cart Hero 2 (Plays: 19338)
This isn't just any shopping cart - this is an online shopping...
Shopping Cart Hero 3
Shopping Cart Hero 3 (Plays: 75889)
Can you succeed where many have failed before? Shopping Cart H...
Sift Heads - Street Wars (Act 1)
Sift Heads - Street ... (Plays: 52439)
The blood, violence and action of Sift Heads is now on the str...
Sift Heads 4
Sift Heads 4 (Plays: 5612)
Become an international assassin, eliminating targets in all c...
Sift Heads World - Act 1
Sift Heads World - A... (Plays: 4680)
Vinnie, Kiro and Shorty have teamed up to once again clean up ...
Sift Heads World - Act 2
Sift Heads World - A... (Plays: 3621)
The deadly trio of Vinnie, Kiro and Shorty are back once again...
Sift Heads World - Act 3
Sift Heads World - A... (Plays: 3480)
The Mayor of Chicago will be needed here to aid Vinnie, Shorty...
Sift Heads World - Act 4
Sift Heads World - A... (Plays: 1088)
Shorty is headed to Russia. Unfortunately for her, her past wi...
Sift Heads World - Act 5
Sift Heads World - A... (Plays: 1168)
The gang are headed off to the Amazon Rain Forest for what the...
Sift Heads World - Act 6
Sift Heads World - A... (Plays: 1215)
Following the destruction of their headquarters, Vinnie and th...
Sift Heads World - Ultimatum
Sift Heads World - U... (Plays: 2066)
Vinnie, Shorty and Kiro are about to be tested to their limits...
Sift Renegade
Sift Renegade (Plays: 4775)
The Triads have killed Kiro's brother - and he's anything but ...
Sift Renegade 2
Sift Renegade 2 (Plays: 4692)
As Vinnie says - noone has ever got as close to killing him as...
Sketch (Plays: 8672)
Sketching a picture sounds easy enough, but itís not when you ...
Ski Maniacs
Ski Maniacs (Plays: 2691)
Grab your skis, as you're headed out to race on a whole host o...
Ski Run
Ski Run (Plays: 1739)
Nine insane tracks of crazy downhill skiing await you!
Ski Runner
Ski Runner (Plays: 1420)
Zoom down Mt. Infinity at crazy speeds! Some side effects from...
Ski Runner 2
Ski Runner 2 (Plays: 1190)
Dodge trees, rocks and yetis as you hurtle at breakneck speed ...
Slugger Baseball
Slugger Baseball (Plays: 5425)
You don't need a baseball ticket to be in the crowd - you're t...
Smashtastic Cricket: World Cup Hero
Smashtastic Cricket:... (Plays: 1733)
Time to take the Cricket World Cup by storm! Create your very ...
Snot Put
Snot Put (Plays: 3132)
It's bogey-flinging time. Build up momentum by swinging the sn...
Snow Drift Racing
Snow Drift Racing (Plays: 1992)
Drift your car around the slippy, snowy track as quickly as yo...
Snow Maze
Snow Maze (Plays: 994)
Escape the snow maze by collecting up all of the stars!
Snow Rush
Snow Rush (Plays: 1578)
Santa Claus is running extremely late this year! Can you help ...
Snowball (Plays: 2030)
Hurl snowballs in the face of strangers, with no risk of retal...
Snowboard Slalom Xtreme
Snowboard Slalom Xtr... (Plays: 5353)
Keep an eye out for exploding snowmen and suicidal penguins as...
Soccer Balls
Soccer Balls (Plays: 4311)
Annoy the referees, with a little help from gravity! Make sure...
Soccer Dribble
Soccer Dribble (Plays: 5069)
There are no soccer goals or corner flags to be seen here - ju...
Soccer Set Piece Superstar
Soccer Set Piece Sup... (Plays: 1241)
Welcome to derby day in the Premier League! Pick your side and...
Soccer World Cup 2010
Soccer World Cup 2010 (Plays: 5773)
The World Cup in South Africa is finally here, and there's har...
Solipskier (Plays: 1005)
Draw your own slopes and cliffs as you ski! Make sure that you...
Space Chaos
Space Chaos (Plays: 2258)
The future of the Universe is in your hands. Will you seize th...
Space Madness
Space Madness (Plays: 2820)
There's been a distress call received from an exoplanetary min...
Spank The Banker
Spank The Banker (Plays: 1274)
It's time for you to get some revenge on the bankers! Spank th...
Split Stocks
Split Stocks (Plays: 5406)
All the fun of the stock exchange with 0 percent of the risk! ...
Sports Heads Football Championship
Sports Heads Footbal... (Plays: 8602)
Can you win the Sports Heads Cup? Emerge victorious from a who...
Sports Heads: Football
Sports Heads: Football (Plays: 3769)
Sports Heads takes you into a world of goals, headers and voll...
Sports Heads: Tennis
Sports Heads: Tennis (Plays: 2313)
Go and fetch your tennis racket and tennis balls, we're headed...
Stackopolis (Plays: 5009)
Become the construction manager of several new builds that are...
Stick Bang
Stick Bang (Plays: 5789)
Stickland is full of Stick Giants who don't tend to get on ver...
Sticky Ninja Academy
Sticky Ninja Academy (Plays: 1750)
Welcome to the Sticky Ninja Academy! Complete all 30 levels an...
Stinky Bean
Stinky Bean (Plays: 3905)
Run, jump and shoot your way across this rather bizarre land. ...
Stinky Bean 2
Stinky Bean 2 (Plays: 3406)
Scatmonkey has destroyed Stinky Bean, and the rest of the bean...
Stinky Bean Fling
Stinky Bean Fling (Plays: 3907)
Get a hold of Stinky Bean, and chuck him as far as you can! Sc...
Strategy Defence
Strategy Defence (Plays: 9441)
(a.k.a. Strategy Defense) In this tactical role playing game y...
Striker Run
Striker Run (Plays: 7269)
Defenders hate it when strikers have a good old run at them, a...
Stunt Crazy
Stunt Crazy (Plays: 1530)
This is your opportunity to become a world famous stunt man! C...
Stunt Pilot
Stunt Pilot (Plays: 13373)
Can you complete all the courses without crashing? Fly through...
Super Briefcase
Super Briefcase (Plays: 5728)
Bombs are dropping from everywhere and you have no clue who is...
Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 3
Super Crazy Guitar M... (Plays: 6596)
Show just how crazy your guitar skills are by unlocking all th...
Super Karoshi
Super Karoshi (Plays: 4710)
Run, jump and walk to your death, which usually involves a lot...
Surf Stud
Surf Stud (Plays: 4696)
Grab some surfing wax, and smooth up your board - you're heade...
Survival (Plays: 6547)
There shall be no outdoor survival kit or emergency survival k...
Switch (Plays: 1561)
Collect all of the balls before the timer runs out. One proble...
Swordless Ninja
Swordless Ninja (Plays: 4176)
The evil Gorbazaki has not only stolen our Little Ninja Mabush...
Tactical Assassin
Tactical Assassin (Plays: 70638)
Watch out for civillians as you line up for the perfect shot. ...
Tactical Assassin 2
Tactical Assassin 2 (Plays: 78063)
It's back, Tactical Assassin returns with another installment ...
Tactical Assassin 3
Tactical Assassin 3 (Plays: 2583)
Tactical Assassin is back again! Get the target in your sights...
Tactical Assassin Substratum
Tactical Assassin Su... (Plays: 8121)
Sniper rifle at the ready. Identify your targets then hold you...
The Battle
The Battle (Plays: 7740)
Use your resources to create an army capable of defeating all ...
The Harry Stick Journey
The Harry Stick Jour... (Plays: 1016)
Harry desperately needs your help to survive! Choose the right...
The Helicopter Game
The Helicopter Game (Plays: 10660)
One of the simplest, yet most addictive games there is. Naviga...
The Impossible Quiz
The Impossible Quiz (Plays: 1451)
Be warned - The Impossible Quiz is going to make you want to r...
The Impossible Quiz 2
The Impossible Quiz 2 (Plays: 8542)
This quiz isn't impossible - just devilishly tricky. It may re...
The Line Game: Grapefruit Edition
The Line Game: Grape... (Plays: 1935)
Guide the grapefruit coloured line through a whole pile of tes...
The Line Game: Lime Edition
The Line Game: Lime ... (Plays: 3036)
Steer the lime green line through every action packed level! A...
The Scarecrow's Revenge
The Scarecrow's Reve... (Plays: 4143)
The Scarecrow is indeed plotting his revenge - and it involves...
The Tickler
The Tickler (Plays: 3955)
The Tickler was originally designed to be a loving and helpful...
The Unfair Platformer
The Unfair Platformer (Plays: 1273)
Only a fool would believe everything they read. This is especi...
The World's Strongest Man
The World's Stronges... (Plays: 13946)
Power your way through six different strength based events wit...
Thing Thing
Thing Thing (Plays: 10252)
Escape from your cell in the mental asylum with your customise...
Thing Thing 2
Thing Thing 2 (Plays: 10555)
Thing Thing is back! Blast your way through hoards of oncoming...
Thing Thing 3
Thing Thing 3 (Plays: 15374)
The 3rd installment in the Thing-Thing series now with massive...
Thing Thing 4
Thing Thing 4 (Plays: 20205)
The Thing-Thing saga continues! The object of the game is kill...
Thing Thing Arena
Thing Thing Arena (Plays: 6884)
All new weapons, all new modes of play, but still as addictive...
Thing Thing Arena 2
Thing Thing Arena 2 (Plays: 17985)
Just as you master Thing Thing Arena, they release another ver...
Thing Thing Arena 3
Thing Thing Arena 3 (Plays: 8605)
Infinite numbers of enemies are coming for you! Blow them to p...
Throw Me
Throw Me (Plays: 19461)
Throw the stretchy guy as far as you can! It's all about timing!
Tiger Burger
Tiger Burger (Plays: 5315)
Tiger Woods has fallen from his position of global icon, and n...
Tile Up
Tile Up (Plays: 24051)
Start from the top left corner, and gradually take over the bo...
Tilt (Plays: 6423)
The name of the game is pretty explanatory. Tilt the platform ...
Tilt 2
Tilt 2 (Plays: 10068)
Balance the platform on the end of your mouse for as long as p...
Tilt 3
Tilt 3 (Plays: 2646)
A single ball and tray is easy enough to keep balanced, but ho...
Touchy (Plays: 7635)
Avoid the red dots whilst collecting the green ones! How big c...
Towers (Plays: 6793)
Flatten the towers to complete the puzzle.
TrackStar (Plays: 7292)
Time to become a true all-round athlete. The stage is set for ...
Traffic Hazard
Traffic Hazard (Plays: 1719)
This big city has no traffic lights, and it has been left in y...
Trial Bike Pro
Trial Bike Pro (Plays: 8830)
Perfect your balance and gain ultimate control over your trial...
Trillion Dollar Bailout
Trillion Dollar Bail... (Plays: 1019)
The time has come for the average man to stop being trampled o...
Triple Jump Champion
Triple Jump Champion (Plays: 2517)
Hop, step and jump your way to victory! Excellent timing is cr...
Troll's Rage
Troll's Rage (Plays: 4244)
The Orcs and Goblins have been keeping Troll locked up so they...
Troy (Plays: 4836)
Buy upgrades for your castle and troops, in order to build the...
Truck Loader
Truck Loader (Plays: 1109)
Use your immense magnetic forklift truck to load up the lorrie...
Truck Loader 2
Truck Loader 2 (Plays: 1408)
Truck Loader and his magnet have returned!
Truck Loader 3
Truck Loader 3 (Plays: 1639)
Truck Loader, our small but strong hero, is back once more. Ca...
Truck Parking
Truck Parking (Plays: 14386)
Park the truck in the designated space without hitting any ped...
Twin Shot 2
Twin Shot 2 (Plays: 2542)
Fire arrows at all the monsters! Collect power ups, and use yo...
Uncharted Skies
Uncharted Skies (Plays: 1253)
Take part in this turn based aerial dogfight! Play with up to ...
Unicycle King
Unicycle King (Plays: 7183)
The ultimate test of balance and control! Take a seat aboard y...
Untangle (Plays: 17316)
Untangle all the lines so that none are crossing - Sounds easy...
Urban Brawl
Urban Brawl (Plays: 5617)
When enemies get close to you, press the relating arrow key to...
US Debt Game
US Debt Game (Plays: 1103)
Can you navigate the US out of debt, or at least make it until...
USS Racing 2 Extreme
USS Racing 2 Extreme (Plays: 6504)
Do whatever you need to to get into the lead! Rockets and mine...
Vending Machine Champ
Vending Machine Champ (Plays: 1054)
The eternal battle of men versus vending machine is being take...
Volley Pro
Volley Pro (Plays: 15120)
A multiplayer volley ball game, can you beat your mates? Simil...
Wallstreet Massacre
Wallstreet Massacre (Plays: 6943)
Bernie Madoff's done you over and you're not happy about it at...
Warface (Plays: 4868)
This dirty little diner has more to it than appears at first s...
Warface 2
Warface 2 (Plays: 3840)
Walker is stuck in a snowstorm in the middle of nowhere. Help ...
Warlords (Plays: 18591)
Take over the world by masterminding your way through many bat...
Water Werks
Water Werks (Plays: 4052)
Spray the scenery with water to make sure you get the blobs to...
Way Of An Idea
Way Of An Idea (Plays: 4263)
Use chalk to help you land the apple on Einstein's head (wasn'...
Weirdville (Plays: 1102)
Welcome to Weirdville. This is probably the only place on eart...
Wheel Of Misfortune
Wheel Of Misfortune (Plays: 1667)
A game set it in the dark ages of recession! Doom and gloom is...
When Penguins Attack - TD
When Penguins Attack... (Plays: 7984)
Save the human race from the masses of manic penguins! Strateg...
When The Bomb Goes Off
When The Bomb Goes Off (Plays: 987)
The bomb is going to blow in five seconds. Everybody has somet...
Wonderputt (Plays: 1320)
Grab your putter - this is like no game of golf you'll have ev...
wOne (Plays: 17855)
Get yourself on a roll in this addictive skill game! Try to co...
wOne 2
wOne 2 (Plays: 15663)
Roll your wheel around the level, collecting all the golden ba...
World Basketball Challenge
World Basketball Cha... (Plays: 9689)
Become a basketball legend! Change your appearance and attribu...
World Cup Vuvuzela Nailer
World Cup Vuvuzela N... (Plays: 2526)
Those blasted vuvuzelas have been getting on everyone's nerves...
Wrath (Plays: 6920)
You are God. Bestow your wrath on the pitiful creatures of Earth!
Wrath II
Wrath II (Plays: 6870)
You are God again. Don't let the power go to your head ...
X Running
X Running (Plays: 10983)
Free run your way through dangerous levels, watch out for huge...
Xtreme Motor
Xtreme Motor (Plays: 1601)
Make your way to the exit in 25 levels! Make sure you collect ...
Youda Survivor
Youda Survivor (Plays: 1206)
Prepare for an adventure of epic proportions! Survive at all c...
Youda Survivor 2
Youda Survivor 2 (Plays: 1093)
Do all that you can to survive! Will you make the ultimate sac...
Zombie Boom
Zombie Boom (Plays: 1031)
Time for some complete zombie carnage! Blow the zombies to bit...
Zombie Golf - Club House Of The Dead
Zombie Golf - Club H... (Plays: 1196)
The undead are taking over the world and are wreaking havoc ou...
Zombie Mall
Zombie Mall (Plays: 8267)
The 37,717 people of Rockville are delighted when the new Rock...
Zombieland (Plays: 10159)
Zombies aren't really feeling the carnival spirit, and have tu...
Damaged Goods
Score more than 2000 on Max Damage
Bathroom Boffin
Score more than 20 on Bathroom Simulator
Big Rig
Score more than 100000 on Big Rig: Driving School
Fire in the Hole!
Score more than 75000 on Fragger
Score more than 200 on Fishing Frenzy
Score more than 25 on Hit Bush With Shoe
Free Parking
Score more than 1500 on Park It Fast
Pinball Wizard
Score more than 250000 on Pinball
Online Checkout
Score more than 50000 on Shopping Cart Hero 2
Top Popper
Score more than 80 on Bloons - TD.4
One Wheeled Wonder
Score more than 1500 on Unicycle King
Weapon of Mass Des-truck-tion
Score more than 15000000 on Destructotruck
Valet Parking
Score more than 1000000 on Big Rig: Truck Stop Parking
Chopper Pilot
Score more than 1800 on The Helicopter Game
Top Stopper
Score more than 15 on Ragdoll Goalkeeper
Home Run Hero
Score more than 1000 on Baseball
Red Hot Balloonist
Score more than 750 on Hot Air Bloon
King of the Pins
Score more than 200 on Bowling
Cat Slinger
Score more than 3500 on Kitty Throw
High Jump Champion
Score more than 100000 on Jumper
Crazy Taxi Driver
Score more than 60000 on Crazy Taxi